ARC REVIEW: When We Touch by Heather Graham

Monday, August 29, 2016

“A master of her craft." — RT Book Reviews 
“An incredible storyteller.” — Los Angeles Daily News 
Queen Victoria’s London is a teeming metropolis of pageantry, forbidden desire, and danger—especially in the East End, a hotbed of vice, witchcraft, and murder. What widow Lady Maggie Graham does there more than greases the rumor mill. When she agrees to wed the Viscount Langdon, there are those who would act upon their suspicions . . .

Experience has taught Lord Jamie well. He has seen his fair share of women behave inappropriately—enjoying risqué amusements in secret theatres, running about disguised in the seediest parts of the city—and then they call you vile names for coming to their rescue. And no woman is more shameless, more cunning, more intoxicating than Lady Maggie . . .
“Heather Graham sparkles!” —Kat Martin, New York Times bestselling author 

When I looked at the average rating of this book, I basically started dreading reading it but now that I have I'm actually glad I did. I loved this book and while it's definitely historical and there is romance, the romance part is just half of what made it good.

Maggie is a widow, she's also an anomaly because while she is a member of the peerage her late husband was not. He was a policeman, she didn't care but everyone else did. She plays an active part in helping woman who have no means to help themselves, where being a sex worker is the only way to keep these women alive. She vows never to fall in love and never to remarry after losing her husband. But when her brother gambles the family fortune away and their home and his title are at risk, she's forced to enter an advantageous marriage with Charles who is old enough to be her grandfather, she does this to save her family's title and their home.

Things are made even more difficult when she develops a strong attraction to her Charles' nephew, Jamie. Jamie and Maggie's interactions are brief and filled with tension. Neither wants to he around the other for too long, perhaps because they realise how close they are to throwing caution to the wind. With the arrival of Charles' daughter, Arianna tension worsens because of her obvious disdain for Maggie. Arianna's detests Maggie, and one would as far as saying the hate she feels for Maggie is dangerous.

While this is happening the very real tale of Jack the Ripper is being told. Graham interweaves fiction with fact when Maggie and Jamie attempt to fight their attraction all while the danger of the ripper is just outside their door. Add in the influx of charlatans posing as mediums who can speak to the dead and Maggie being deadset on exposing each and everyone of them, and you have a very entertaining story.

This was my first book by Heather Graham, and I was really impressed. This was the perfect blend of historical romance, suspense and a little bit of a whodunnit! Definitely recommended!


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