ARC REVIEW: The Earl's Return by Callie Hutton

Monday, August 22, 2016

London, 1819. Four years ago, Darius, the Earl of Redgrave fled London two weeks before his wedding to Lady Mary’s sister and married another woman. Now a widower, he has returned to seek a new wife.
One woman catches his eye . . .
At first, Lady Mary doesn’t recognize the handsome lord as the cad who ran out on her sister. After giving him the cut direct in a London ballroom, she finds herself running into him everywhere she goes, and fighting a forbidden attraction. Not only has Mary sworn off men, Redgrave is so very wrong for her. But she cannot stop thinking of his kisses. Redgrave means to stay away from Mary but it is impossible. Passion between two people who can never be together is a dangerous game.

“His stare burned into her. “The time has come to end this frustration between us. Do you have any idea what you do to me? How much I think about you, dream about you? Imagine you naked and flat on your back on my bed?”

I absolutely love this one! It wasn't too angsty but it had all the ingredients for a great and entertaining decency romp! After going through a few seasons and still not finding what she's been looking for in a husband, Mary has resigned herself to being on the shelf, but when her sister Abigail's estranged fiance comes back to London, Mary finds herself attracted to the last man she should ever be attracted to. Darius, the Earl of Redgrave left her sister distraught and her family in scandal when he decided to elope with another woman 2 weeks before he was supposed to marry her sister.

The tale starts of with Redgrave returning to London after the death of his wife. He's determined to find a wife who will bear him an heir and therefore secure his title. At first Redgrave seems to be the one at fault but the author tells the reader about his past in a series of flashbacks which I enjoyed very much. When Redgrave sees Mary, he realizes that any other woman would never do, he must have Mary but with the issue of him havingbasically slighted her sister it seems that would be impossible.

Redgrave and Mary's relationship is one held in secret, in redenzvouz, carriage rides and the odd walk here and there,and I think I might have enjoyed it more because of this. Any interaction between the two was under the scrutiny of the ton. And the private moments they could get were few and far in between.

With the threat of his father in law coming between him and happiness, Redgrave's quest for a wife and happiness would seem to be pointless. This book was pretty straight forward which is something I really enjoyed the heroine was strong and feisty. The hero was romantic, persistent in his feeling for the heroine. My only complaint is that the story was too short! I see that this book is part of a series so I will definitely be reading the previous books!

ARC kindly provided by publisher in return for an honest review

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