Arc Review Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Liam Sinclair is talented, gorgeous and intense - and the one person to whom Elissa Holt can absolutely not allow herself to be attracted. For a start, he's the star of one of the hottest musicals on Broadway and Elissa is his stage manager, which means dating is forbidden.
Also, he's going out with Angel Bell, the leading lady from hell who puts all other divas to shame.
Falling for Liam would be a tragedy in the making. But as any good romantic will tell you, love doesn't always follow the script . . .

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<3 br="">“And I have the strongest feeling that having part of you is going to be better than having all of anybody else.”

One of the best books I read so far! Elissa and Liam's romance is amazing, it has everything I want and even more! I could tell from the begining that this was a beautiful story and as I continued reading it I didn't want it to end because I loved it so much! Wicked Heart is an emotional, intense, super hot and a beautiful story!


I adored both Liam and Elissa! Their relationship is one of the best I've read in a book!OMG when these two were together you could feel the tension, the intensity, the passion, the love, the angst, the need and generally how desperate they were for each other! I have so many feelings and I was so into the story!I loved how this story developed showing us how they met and how things are now. And there are many moments I felt broken and I was crying feeling the need to see them together.


This was second chance romance one that you must read it! Seriously this is going in my favorite books for 2016! I highly recommend it!


From the start, it was clear Elissa and Liam's story was not going to be smooth sailing. After six years, Elissa is reunited with the man who broke her heart, but a lot has changed. Liam is now a famous actor and he isn't alone. Liam and his beautiful fiancé are the stars of the Broadway show, Elissa is stage managing, yeah, can you say angst? So much angst.


I love that the story unfolded through past glimpses weaved into the present. I was riveted, anxiously waiting to find out what happened to cause these two to go their separate ways, because every bit of Elissa and Liam's beginning seemed perfect. And I felt so much longing, regret and chemistry between them after their reunion. I needed answers.

“I’ve missed you, Liss. It hurts not seeing you for all those years, but this? You being right here and me not being able to have you? Hurts so much more.”

As the production gets underway, Elissa and Liam find themselves unable to stay away from each other, but Angel is still very present. And eventually everything is revealed, now this is where I struggled a bit with the story. The build up was prefect, the angst and emotion were 100%, but when I finally got answers, I found myself a bit underwhelmed. Everything falls together a bit to perfectly and some of the reveals, just seemed a somewhat ridiculous. Either way, I devoured the first 70% of this story and while I didn't love the ending, it was still a solid read.

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