NEW REVIEW: Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Monday, April 25, 2016

The daughter of a Warrior King, Lara was trained as a healer, helping both friend and foe. And when the enemy warlord agrees to cease hostilities in exchange for Lara, she agrees to become the Warprize.

"Want to know the best part about being a warlord?" came a hoarse whisper. I bit my lip, puzzled by the question. Keir's mouth curled up slowly into a smile. "I always get what I want." 

A bit of an anticlimactic quote since the war lord was in fact not a jerk! All jokes aside I did like this book, it wasn't amazing but there was something about it. I went in expecting a high fantasy romance with some magic and epic world building but aside from a little world building this was more of a romance set in a vague medieval world if that makes any sense.

Xylara the heroine, is a healer but most importantly a princess. Her brother Xymund who hates her is the King. When their small kingdom is invaded by barbarians Lara is chosen as the warprize at the war lord's request. Now somethings that annoyed me in this book were the blatant misunderstandings. I won't go into the specifics but basically the story's foundation is that Lara is given as warprize to the War lord to maintain peace between the kingdoms. In my opinion this was a very weak foundation, and the fact that she had the wrong idea about what her role was just plain stupid.

I did love Kier and how protective he was of Lara. Marcus's character was also quote entertaining, so was Anna. I loved how Lara managed to win Kier's army over. Like I said there wasn't much magic or adventure. This really was just a romance and the conflicts the couple needed to overcome.

I know I always want romance in the books I read but I expected a prophecy or maybe something more significant that just Kier and Lara trying to live happily ever after. I'm sure I'll read the rest of the series at some point but I'm not itching to read the next book right now. 

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