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Sunday, February 07, 2016

I have hundreds of books on my TBR shelf and every year I'll add another hundred give or take. Unfortunately this allows books that I've been looking forward to, to fall to the bottom of my shelf never to be seen again. This post is for a few of the paperbacks and audible books that I just can't forget. I'm making a pledge, I will try to read or listen to all these books this year. I'm kicking my TBR's butt!

This debate has been around since the arrival of Ereaders to the market. Physical book or ebook? Here's my two cents on the subject. If you prefer paperbacks well then good for you! If you only read ebooks for whatever reason, good for you too! And if you're like me and read whatever is readily available... FIST BUMP! Choosing to read ebooks over paperbacks does not make you less of a bookworm. There are factors like space and pricing to consider when choosing between a paperback or an ebook. Quite often an ebook may be cheaper than the paperback. If you enjoy reading in the bathtub then a paperback may be the better option for you, although if you're like me and fall asleep in the bathtub, reading in the bathtub might not be a good idea! I tend to read books on my Kindle or Kobo app on my iPad, it's convenient because I have access to as many books as I want without have to carry an industrial container around. Before I bore you with my chattering, the following books are ones that have been on my shelve forever and come highly recommended...


I have a whopping 12 audio books that I need to listen to this year. I'm gonna need to reevaluate my TBR challenge! Because I've been so busy lately but mostly last year I went on an audible buying spree, it makes sense you can listen to them any time and anywhere. But I have to admit that I do prefer reading a book myself, which is why I've neglected my poor audible books.

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