Arc Review The Diary of Lexi Ashford by Jessica Sorensen

Monday, November 30, 2015

A NA Romantic Comedy series.

Lexi has always had a reputation for accidentally messing things up, but she never thought she’d be jobless and homeless at twenty-six. With no other choice, she returns to her hometown to do a little life searching.

Lexi quickly discovers a lot has changed in the eight years since she first left Fairville, a quirky little town in the middle of nowhere. Most of her best friends from high school are now married and have children, and her parents have sold their home and are now living in a loft above their store. One thing still remains the same, though. Anders, her old high school crush is still as hot as ever.

Determined to get her life back on track, Lexi starts searching for an apartment and a job. But during a crazy night at one of her friend’s bachelorette parties, she wakes up in Las Vegas, hungover and married to Evan, Anders' brother, a guy she barely knows. So much for getting her life back on track.

This story is an NA Romantic Comedy and takes place over multiple parts. Each part is approximately 20,000 words.




Escaping the small town she grew up in was Lexi's dream, and for 8 years she was free. But little Lexi T-rexi is headed home, unemployed and jobless, she has no choice to return to Fairville. She has a plan, she will stay long enough to get on her feet, and get out asap. It's been years since she has been home, and a lot has changed, with the exception of few things.

"Weird stuff goes on in Fairville. And not weird, fun stuff, but unnaturally weird, what-the-hell-is-going-on, did-the-whole-town-get-high kind of stuff"

Her parents have sold her childhood home, living in their small loft is even less appealing that she imagined. With limited space, sleeping on the floor and a bathroom full of gnomes, Lexi is anxious to set her plan in motion.

I dream of sexy strangers with green eyes, dinging slot machines, clouds that rain glitter, crazy-ass zombie gnomes eating my flesh, and baby marshmallow men sprouting from my mom's zero day old skin.

When her mother's wildcat party, forces Lexi to accept a bachelorette party invitation, she is headed to Vegas. Glitter, Tequila, a proposal and drunken Vegas wedding remind Lexi once again of how out of control her life can get.

"Oh, my God, I can't believe I got married last night." I shake my head at myself."And in a chapel that had candy canes lining the aisle and an officiator dressed up like Santa."

I really enjoyed this little story. The Diary of Lexi Ashford was quirky and fun, I honestly laughed out loud a few times. I can't wait to see how things play out.


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