REVIEW: BORDEN 2 by R.J. Lewis

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Book 2 and the final of the Borden series. 

******* WARNING: This book contains sexual situations - of a very rough nature - violence, and strong language that may be offensive to some.******* 

I fell in love with a very bad man. 

Marcus Borden is that very bad man, but I knew that already. I accepted it. I just didn’t expect to be pulled into the darkness of the world he'd worked so hard to hide from me. Now he's let me in and showed me what he's capable of - and it scares me. It scares me to think I'm in love with a man that has enemies who would do anything to hurt me. 

And with a dark threat on the horizon, I need to ask myself just how far I'm willing to go to be with him. And how deeply in love I am with him to accept his darkness. 

5 STARS!!!

I have another Broody Alpha Hero to add to my collection. His name is Marcus Borden. Dirty talking, possessive and a beast in bed what more could a girl like me ask for in a book? A great plot that's what! Prior to reading the first book in this series I wasn't really expecting to be blown away. I mean I wanted the usual order of the day. Something to tide me over while I tried to figure out this funk I've been in. Well low and behold, I found an intriguing plot and from then onward I was utterly smitten with story. The times when I find a strong female character tolerable let alone love her, are rare and far in between. But Emma's character was so easily lovable I just couldn't help myself, she's feisty, hard headed and won't give up without a fight. Scratch that she doesn't give up period, and let me tell you I was gnashing my teeth at times because she's one frustrating character.

Back to the story, Borden 2 picks up right when the first book left us, and might I mention that the first book had a huge cliffy. Borden, is hellbent on protecting Emma from his enemies and at first it all looks quite breezy. But when he receives a shocking text from an enemy from his past, Borden realises that the Emma is in grave danger. While this book is definitely not short, it read like a breeze. With enough mystery, suspense and sexy times to keep me well entertained. Borden's dealings are more along the lines of the Mafia-ish but we manged to get some interesting perspective from an MC because of Hawke and Hector (please give these brothers their own books. Thanks) Some graphic torture scenes brought some dark elements to the story.

I love an Alpha male who turns to mush for the woman he loves. I just do... While maintaining his tough as nails more like Formica persona. This book had some nail-biting moments aaand some heartwarming moments, it also had a lot of excitement (never a dull moment.) I'll definitely be checking out this author's other work.

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