Guest review: Carter by R.J. Lewis

Saturday, July 11, 2015

***WARNING: This book contains SWEARING, SEX and MILD VIOLENCE that may offend. *** 

Childhood friends to lovers story. 
This is a story about a rising rock star and a love-struck girl. 
I was a fool in love. From the moment I saw him, Carter Matheson had always been it for me. I just wished he felt the same way. We grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another through our love for music. His voice swept me off my feet. He sang like an angel, making me forget for a little while that my unrequited love would destroy me. 
I thought I’d go to the ends of the earth for him. I thought my future along his side was engrained in stone. But when faced with a decision that would forever change our lives, I need to choose whose dreams to follow. 
Mine or his. 



"An uncommitted love will always end in heartache."

This book… so many feelings… it was bittersweet, it was angsty, it was heartbreaking. The story about childhood friends, Carter and Leah, growing up together in a shitty trailer park. Their friendship was the only beautiful thing they had in their teenage years. Leah has always loved Carter, and I think always wanted more. While Carter tried to never cross that line, the attraction was still there. He deeply cared for her, was very protective and sweet.

Certain events force them to run away and start a new life together somewhere else. The connection between them is getting stronger and stronger, and though Carter is not willing to offer more than being friends, Leah is willing to accept that if only she can get a little bit more. They agree on friends with benefits type of relationship. And you just know someone will get hurt in the process, you even expect that both of them will do.
"That’s just how I’m wired, Leah. I’m a fucking disaster and I’ll take you down with me if you expect me to give you all of me."

„Even then I knew it was going to be all my fault if he pushed me away later on. I would be nursing a devastated heart and have nobody to blame but myself.(…)I was taking him however he was willing to give me, no matter how little it was. He was my addiction, and I could endure a few rough moments.”

Like that ever ended well.

One side of the party will always want more, that’s inevitable, which leads to massive heartbreak and decisions that will leave you sad. Carter has commitment issues and he doesn’t believe in love, I think it might have something to do with his parents relationship, but we were not given that information yet in this book. He was always sincere with how far he is going to take it, but still you can’t end up angry in the end. And though Leah always knew she wanted more than Carter could have ever given, you can’t not feel sorry for her in the end.

Thank God the next book is already out, off to reading it...
"And the more I thought about it, the more I realized being with Carter the way we were wasn't healthy."

"It hurts too much to be in love with someone that doesn't want me as much as I want him."

"They destroyed each other. That's what love does, Leah. It destroys people. Look how far I pushed you."

"The point was to work on ourselves. To love who we are before we love someone else."

"You let him go because he wasn't ready. That was selfless of you."

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