Review : Flirting with Scandal by Chanel Cleeton

Thursday, June 04, 2015
Welcome to Washington, D.C., city of scandal, where no secret stays hidden for long...

Jackie Gardner knows all about dirty little secrets. She's the illegitimate daughter of a powerful senator, determined to take the city by storm in her own right. A prestigious internship is her chance to shine - as long as her past stays buried.

William Andrew Clayton was born for politics. He knows the drill: work hard, play discreetly, and avoid scandal like the plague - his glittering future and campaign depend on it.

Sparks fly when Jackie and Will meet. With both careers at stake, and their every move stalked by a salacious blog - more than one secret is at risk of being exposed. As they cross the line from politics into passion, is what they have just another dirty secret?


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"Why me?"
"Because when you touched me,
I had to have more."

I just found a new obsession, the Capital Confessions series!I really devoured it, it was refreshing,captivating and so hot!It's my first political romance and I loved the plot so much that I didn't want to put it down!Also I found the fact that before the start of each chapter there was a blog post from Capital Confessions very brilliant!Flirting With Scandal has the perfect combination of amazing plot,a forbidden romance and steamy sex!It was exactly what I needed!!You should definitely check this series out!!


The story is about Jackie Gardner, a college senior who loves politics and she is working as an intern for one of the top political consulting firms.She is the daughter of a powerful senator,who doesn't know she exists!Because of her father and her mother (who is like a mistress to powerful men) she doesn't do politicians!She knows their dirty secrets and she knows that it's better to not trust them!When she meets Will in a bar , you can see the attraction between them,which is instant!But she doesn't know who he is!

Until the moment they will meet again and they have to work together because Will is a candidate for the Virginia State Senate and he needs help with his campaign!Their worlds will be turned completely upside down.. Are they prepared for what will follow?Can they resist each other?


I loved the build of the relationship between Will and Jackie!The sexual tension between the two of them and their chemistry was off the charts!Both characters have very interesting personalities!Jackie is the most amazing female heroine!She is only twenty one years old and she knows what she wants!She is confident,sexy,strong and so smart!Will isn't your typical rich boy,he is truly a good man who cares for people, and I loved this about him!! Will is hot,sweet,romantic and smart!!


I didn't want the story to end!!I want more Will and Jackie!!I highly recommend it to anyone who want to read something different and refreshing!!I'm looking forward to the next book!!I'm counting down the days for the next book!!

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