Exclusive excerpt and giveaway :Red Carpet Kiss by Melissa Brown

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
After penning a series of bestselling novels, Eleanor Riley vowed to leave her past—and the man who broke her heart—far behind. As the creator of one of television’s most beloved dramas, Elle couldn’t have written a better comeback for herself. But her success doesn’t leave much room in her life for romance…until Luke Kingston enters the scene.
Luke, a stunningly handsome star, is set to play the latest love interest in Elle’s show…but he’s got his eye on Elle, and she can’t deny their sizzling chemistry. Then Elle has a chance encounter with Troy Saladino—the man who had been the love of her life—and suddenly a million old feelings are rushing back.
With two gorgeous men pursuing her, Elle can’t decide who holds the key to her heart: her new love or her old flame. Will her choice bring her happiness—or more heartbreak?

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Luke leaned in, his eyebrows pressed toward one another in a pensive glance. His lips brushed against hers and, although her immediate reaction was to turn her head, to only give him access to a cheek, she just couldn’t do that. Desire was building within her, and even though a kiss was not nearly enough to satisfy that desire, it would have to do for now. Her lips touched his with subtle urgency. He smiled before placing a hand behind her neck and kissing her deeply, his tongue gaining entry inside her welcoming mouth. Her arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer, her tongue completely at his mercy. Her heart was racing inside her chest. Just when she thought of pulling him inside the car, and driving quickly back to her place, he pulled away. He took his lips away from her, and immediately she craved him, wanted him to return. Her lips pressed to his, the hunger inside her demanding to be fed. After several seconds, he pulled away, teasing her with feathery touches to her upper lip. And then he kissed her again, pushing her to the brink before pulling away once more. Her hands found his shoulders, and she pressed into them with frustration. Her words came out in a throaty moan. “What are you doing?” “Just checking.” She was confused. “Checking what?” “You had me all confused. But now I know.” “I don’t understand.” “This,” he gestured between them, “is just as mutual as I thought it was.” Her body stiffened at his words. She felt exposed, silly, and ridiculous. She hated that her carnal behavior had revealed her true feelings toward him. She craved control, and she felt it slipping from her grasp. “So what if it is?” She puckered her lips and stood straight and tall. He ran his fingers through her hair, releasing the bun, and allowing her hair to spill down her shoulders. She gasped, peering into his eyes. Luke ignored her question. His fingers weaved in and out through the loose curls that tumbled down her back. “I like your hair like this. It suits you.” He kissed her one last time on the lips before pressing his lips to her exposed shoulder, sending shivers down her spine. “Just so you know, I have no intention of backing down. I want you, Elle. And I know you want me too.” She swallowed hard and licked her lips. She was terribly uncomfortable yet aroused by his words. She wanted him in her bed, desperately. “Good,” she whispered, the corners of her mouth curling up in satisfaction. He grinned at her response, before saying good night. Her body tingled as she drove back home, unable to escape thoughts of that kiss, of the way he’d teased her, of how he made her come apart. Their chemistry was no longer something she could deny. She only hoped she could maintain her professionalism despite her building need for Luke Kingston.

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