Review: Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec

Sunday, May 17, 2015
I guess this is it, huh? After fourteen years together, starting a life of our own on this island, five deployments and countless letters I’ve written you through it all, I finally go out to the mailbox and see something I’ve always dreamed of: an envelope with your handwriting on it.
For one moment, I actually thought you’d changed your mind, that all the awful things you said to me were just your way of coping after everything you’d been through. I was still here, Fisher. I was still here, holding my breath, waiting for you to come back even though you told me you never would. You always said you’d find your way back to me. Out of all the lies you’ve told me, this one hurts the most. Enclosed you will find the signed divorce papers, as requested.
I hope you find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry it wasn’t me.
To get the ending they want, Lucy and Fisher will have to go back to the beginning. Through the good and the bad, they’ll be reminded of why they always made their way back to each other, and why this time, one way or another, it will be the last time.


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You and me against the world, Fisher. It’s always been you and me, and it always will be.” Such a beautiful, powerful, emotional and intense book!! Lucy and Fisher's story touched me on so many levels!I loved them both and I felt their love, their pain and their loss.This book is about second chances and forgiveness!Tara Sivec has a unique way of writing her stories and I really enjoyed her style. I haven't read a book by her prior to this book but I'm going to be checking out her other series!!


This book follows Lucy and Fisher's life, from the past and present.They fell in love in high school and they got married but Fisher was a Marine and he suffers from PTSD due to the traumatic incidents.He becomes emotionally numb especially around those closest to him. He was aggressive and he has bad dreams from his war experiences. However one thing was for sure he loved his wife Lucy so much. Fisher was emotionally devoted to her and because he was afraid for her he asked for a divorce. Now that he is better he wants her back...but nothing can be easy... Can they manage to be together again without problems? Is their love strong enough?


Wow this book made me feel so many things!!I cried so much for Lucy and Fisher!I wanted them together and happy!I have to say that reading Fisher's POV broke my heart,I cried a lot! Poor Fisher,I love him so much! He is a mess and I understood him.At the beginning I felt so sad for Lucy but then in comes his POV and I felt his love and reasons for his actions. He didn't know how to speak to her and how to get her back...he’s afraid that he will hurt her. Lucy is a lovable character! She is sweet,kind and tough! She is always putting everyone else before her. She is exactly what Fisher needs!


This book is a must be read for everyone! It's so beautiful but be prepared with your Kleenex because you are going to need them!!

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