Pavlina's review: Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn

Sunday, February 01, 2015
Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world. 
They should have never crossed paths. 
But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him. 
They part believing they’ll never see each other again. 
Neither could have predicted the chain of events they’d put in motion. 
Now the two have to navigate the dark waters of a relationship built on tragedy and need without drowning in guilt for things outside their control. 
How do you love someone when the worst decision of your life was the reason you met them? 
Warning: This book contains graphic language, sex and violence. It is meant for mature audiences.



4,5 STARS 

"It’s all going to be okay, darlin’. Everything’s gonna be just fine now. I’ve got you, sweet girl. I’ve got you,”

Such an amazing story!!So far this is the best book in the series!!I think this book is more than just a MC book.I loved the way the characters match together till the end!!This story will leave you feeling happy,hot,angry, frustrated, excited and shocked .I give it 4,5 stars because I have a problem with the ages if you consider that Callie is 16 and Asa 20 years old.But apart from this everything else were fantastic!!The story starts with Callie partying at the wrong place the wrong time..Lucky for her Asa will be there and he will help her.This story focuses on the relationship between Asa and Callie and the circumstances following an unfortunate event.


I liked Callie, for her age she is a great heroine!!I dodn't know what I have done if I were her!The things she is going through..OMG poor Callie.. I'm in love with Asa..This man...He isn't perfect but with his behavior and the fact that he loved Callie so quickly he make me feel more and more in love with him. Their relationship is different from they have to live for a long time distant from each other.I liked so much their relationship which is hot,heartbreaking and so sweet!!!Definitely one of my favorite couples!!


If you haven't read this series yet and you are looking for a new series with MC please check this!!!

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