Pavlina's ARC review:Asylum by Lily White

Thursday, December 04, 2014
  Words are funny things.   Their meaning, the pictures they paint in the minds of those that hear them: they’re not always the same and to me at least, that makes them meaningless.   Take for instance the phrase ‘black widow’. Those words conjure the image of a spider, an eight-legged creature with the red imprint of an hourglass on its abdomen.   However, instead of speaking of an arachnid, of the resident of a spindly and dew-laden web, the people who whisper those words are talking about something much different.   They’re talking about me.   From what I’m told, I’m called the Black Widow because no man I’ve ever loved has survived.   Yet, I have no memory of any of it.   My new home leads me to the definition of another vague and meaningless word.   It’s a place where I’m supposed to seek refuge.   A place of retreat and security.   It’s a place where I’m supposed to be kept safe because I’m sick.   But the definition for this place is wrong and the word becomes meaningless when you’re tucked away and made silent by drugs and pretty white jackets.   My name is Alexandra Sutton and this is the story of what happened when I was imprisoned inside an Asylum.


Pavlina's review:


“We’re all crazy, Ms. Sutton. Some of us are simply crazier than others.”


Wow just wow...What I did I just read??? What a crazy ride!!! I know that Lily White is the Queen of mindfuck books, but honestly I didn't expected something like this! From the first moment I saw this book, I wanted to read it! Maybe because now I'm watching the second season of "American Horror story" (the theme is Asylum) and I was intrigued! So when I got an ARC I was so excited! This book was perfect, I had so many questions while I was reading the book..each chapter was a new question for me! The ending was a surprise for me! I had suspicions while I was reading the book but not what happened in the end! My thoughts were different!This book is twisted, dark and hot!


Alex think she is crazy...Everybody in the Statham Asylum call her Black Widow.They said she killed two men...But she doesn't remember anything..She is confused.The only person who believes she didn't do anything,is her brother.When a new handsome doctor, Dr Jeremy Hutchins comes to the asylum and he is willing to help her find what really happened to her... He has new methods to try and draw out Alex's memories...Is she really crazy?? What really happened??


Alex starts slowly to trust Jeremy. She feels safe with him...I loved Alex and I liked Jeremy,he intrigued me from the beginning...He is compassionate,smart,sexy and he is mysterious!!!But I can't tell if he is good or bad..and this is what conserns me more...


If you are looking for a good mystery...that will keep your interesting till the end...then this is for you!!! This is a must read !!

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