Christine's ARC Review: Always Been Mine by Victoria Paige

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beatrice Porter swore she would never fall in love with a man like her father. For years she watched her mother self-destruct in bitterness, married to someone who only lived for his job. Gabriel Sullivan was such a man—a Navy SEAL, a man who put duty and country above all else. Yet falling in love with him was inevitable. She thought their relationship could work until he’d left her one night with a broken heart and her pride in tatters.

Three years later, he’s back and he wants a second chance.

Having committed atrocities for the greater good, Gabe has nothing left but darkness inside him. The only flicker of light is the memory of Beatrice—a woman embedded deeply under his skin.

Winning her back won’t be easy for she has erected walls that only the toughest of SEALs can hope to scale. 

When Beatrice finds herself at the center of a deadly game, Gabe discovers the eerie similarities of the killer’s MO to a former assassin. 

Discovering a link to the past, a truth that may cost him the woman he loves, distancing himself may be the only option to save Beatrice, but he is done walking away.

Gabe just needs to convince her this time he is all in, and a future with her is the only redemption worth having.

3.5 Poppy Stars!

This wasn't my first book by Victoria Paige, and it definitely won't be my last. She uses a great formula for her books:
1. Romance
2. Strong main characters.
3. Her stories are plot driven.

The male characters are alpha but when it starts getting a bit extreme they always show that that softer side to balance things out. So let me start with my all my gripes, just to get that out of the way because for the most part I really did enjoy this story. My main issue was how long it took for the book to focus on the actual love story, don't get me wrong I love a fast paced and exciting plot. As a backdrop. But it all needs to revolve around the couple in the story, but it felt like instead of enhancing the story it was deflecting from the most important part. Gabe and Beatrice.

Beatrice's job is to basically find the best security for her clients, who are mainly politicians and celebrities. For almost half the book I felt like there was too much focus on Beatrice's clients and how Gabe is trying to protect her. And less on them trying to rebuild their relationship which made their recovery seem a bit rushed.

Okay last gripe, and it's with both characters.I felt like Beatrice was so incredibly hard on Gabe, yeah I get that he hurt her but I felt like she could have been more understanding. Give a guy a break, girl! Finally... Gabe. Look I'm using Travis Blake as reference when it comes to alpha males, and yes I didn't want a repeat of Travis' performance. But Gabe could have been a little more earnest in his endeavour to win Beatrice back. Travis doesn't know the meaning of the word space.

And now for the rest of the book which I really enjoyed. Once again the author produced a kickass female lead who could watch her own back but was feminine enough to let the hero help her out! I loved the fact that Gabe had to fight his old persona from surfacing. It was deliciously sinister (does that even make sense?) Beatrice's dad, was another character I loved learning more about, I kinda wish he'd get his own story too even though it would be a bit sad...a prequel perhaps? Gabe and Beatrice's chemistry was sizzling but like I said it lost some intensity because of the lag in the beginning.

The plot did keep me on my feet because I never quite knew who was the villain or villains rather... I did have my suspicions but in some cases I was wrong, everyone was a suspect. I'm really excited to read more about Nate, I'd love to see him get knocked down a peg or two since he's so adamant about not wanting to commit to anyone.

All in all a great read, I just kept comparing them to Caitlin and Travis.

She was his light.

His prize.
His redemption.

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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