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Monday, June 09, 2014

Some men fall in love and hand their balls over to the first woman who keeps them interested—but not me. Surfing and my freedom are the only two things I’ve ever needed. Meaningless one-night stands are fun, but the drama and jealousy that follows them aren’t worth it. 
Until I met Natalie, I never realized there were women who thought like me. She enjoys sex with no strings, and with a body like that, there isn’t a man around who doesn’t want a piece of her—including me. 

But our friends and relatives all run in the same circles. And we all know friendship and sex leave a mess. Hearts always end up broken. 
I know it. 
But I still want her. 

Sometimes, the things we want don’t always come easily. Every choice, every action has consequences that can change you. 
They can change everything. 
And no matter how fiercely guarded, even the strongest hearts can break.

**WARNING** Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content, language and recreational use of marijuana.

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 “Is this what you wanted?” he whispered as he took my wrists in one hand and the other came down to cup my breast.
            I swallowed as moisture gathered in my mouth and my brain scrambled for a response. It was just so difficult to think with Shaun’s hard body pressing against mine in the middle of his apartment building where anyone could see us.
            His gaze finally broke from mine and moved down to my lips as he glided his thumb across my hard nipple. I could smell the soap on him, feel his wet, warm skin pressed against me. My eyes fluttered closed and I pressed my head against the wall as the lust took over.
            Shaun moved his hips forward making me very aware of his arousal before lowering his head and slowly dragging his tongue across my bottom lip. I was panting now and my entire body was tingling. I don’t know how he’d done it but Shaun had completely turned the tables on me. I’d come over to assert myself and show him the side of me he hadn’t seen, yet here I was getting pressed against a wall and turning into putty in his hands. 


✰4.5 'Killer' Stars✰


This book surprised me. While I enjoyed Freeing Asia I loved Breaking Shaun. This book is why I love new adult. It was fun and sexy, with an interesting plot.

Women like me don’t fall for guys like you. We don’t come when you call, we don’t beg for your attention, and we don’t confuse sex with love. Women like me break men like you,”

Shaun and Natalie have a brief encounter at Asia's art show. He hits on Natalie, but she refuses. Months later they find themselves running into each other again. They are attracted to each other, and share commitment issues. But decide to try to be friends anyway.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want me to fuck you. I can see it in those beautiful eyes of yours. You’ve wondered what it would be like, haven’t you?”

Natalie is a sexy, strong and assertive woman. She comes off as a wild child, always on the move. She just doesn't believe in love and has always avoided all types of relationships, never wanting to depend on anyone other than herself.

My life felt like a constant battle. I was always fighting to protect myself, to survive, to be happy, and I was so tired of it. I just wanted peace.

Shaun is a cocky, asshole, but he's honest. He has seen what losing love can do, and he is determined to never let that happen to him. He is straight forward and enjoys living his life by his own standards.

“I’m an asshole. You should probably know that before we go any further. I say what the fuck I want to say, and I’m honest to a fault, so when I hear someone spewing bullshit, I don’t hesitate to point it out. I don’t like playing fucking games,"

Shaun and Natalie grow tried of fighting their attraction and start to act on their feelings. Just sex. No expectations. But all like stories like this...feelings grow.


This was a steamy read, when these two get together, it's hot. And they seriously get it on ALL OVER THE PLACE.


Just when things seem to falling into place, the bottom drops.Something unexpected happens. Some may hate it, I liked it. It's what made this story more memorable. I did not expect this book to make me emotional, but it did. The author did a great job taking a difficult situation and showing in the end even what may seen bad can have great beauty. And it was nice catching up with Marcus, Asia and Nick. Highly recommend great summer read.

The things I'd once seen as mistakes had ended up being the best decisions of my life.

My husband is awesome and also a Chief in the US Navy. This means crazy schedules, uncertainty and lots of nights spent alone writing on my computer. 

I have two amazing kids who always know how to make me laugh. 

I've been passionate about writing since I wrote my first poem in the 3rd grade and I've been using it as a means to express myself since. 

I think because I hold my emotions so close and fear being vulnerable I use different forms of self expression- writing, drawing, painting, photography, tattoos- to show the world who I am.

The one rule I use everyday is the Golden Rule--"Treat others the way you'd like to be treated." I believe karma is very real and sometimes she can be a bitch if you make her that way. 

I love acting crazy, I love to laugh, I love making people laugh, I love the ocean, I love dancing like no one is watching, I love good music, I love good books... oh man I should probably stop there. I love a lot of stuff. 

Please feel free to write me or send a friend request.

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