Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Lately I'm in mood to read YA and this is one of them!!Amazing!!!The kill Gene was an interesting concept to me and unique!From the beginning till the end the plot keep me captivate!Uninvited blends together romance, action and science fiction!With fantastic characters and an ending that keeps your interesting for the next book!!  

Davy Hamilton has the perfect life....
She has her friends, a boyfriend that loves her and she  has  many talents..She only has a few months left of her senior year and once she graduates she will be attending Julliard.Her  whole future has been planned...

Until the day she will learn that she has HTS...
And what exactly is this???

  The killing gene (HTS) 

  Goverment has discovered a test to find which people have it and if you have it, it means that at some point in your life you are going to kill another human... 

 After Davy is diagnosed with the gene everything falls apart...She loose her friends and her boyfriend.
Once Davy starts her new life as a carrier she will meet new friends but nothing will be easy for her...
One of them is Sean..and they immediately become close...
Can Davy trust someone that is bound to be a killer? 

At the beginning Sean trying to push her away.. but at the same time he is all around her and help her..I loved both characters!Davy is shy,sweet but also she was a fighter!!I don't know what I have done if I were in her place..Sean <333 he is a part of my heart!I loved him and I would liked to know what he was thinking.. (I don't know why but from the momment I meet him I had in my mind Robbert Pattison) :)) He is the opposite of Davy...he didn't have an amazing life...he was grew up in the foster care system and has known that he carried the HTS gene since he was a kid....So you can imagined how must be his life... :( 

I hope in the next book we get more about the secondary characters because they were really interesting!If you are a fan of dystopian books I'm sure you will love it!!I will be waiting for the next book!!

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