To Professor, with Love by Linda Kage

Thursday, May 01, 2014
To Professor, with Love (Forbidden Men, #2)

★★★★ 4 Stars!

"What if it's worth risking everything to be together?"

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First off, when I read the blurb and found out this was going to be a student/teacher romance, in which the teacher is a woman, I was immediately intrigued. I'm a sucker for a forbidden love story, and I'd never read a story where the student is male and the teacher female. So, was this the best student/teacher romance I've ever read? NO. Did I enjoy reading it nonetheless? YES.

To Professor, with Love is a story about two individuals who couldn't have been more different and who seemingly have nothing in common but who, through circumstances, discover they're much more alike than they originally thought. Even tough they start their relationship as student/teacher, this is not a older woman/younger guy romance since she's 23 and he's 21, so there's not a big age difference.

Noel Gamble, the school's star quarterback and ladies magnet, and Dr. Aspen Kavanagh start off pretty much hating each other. When Noel continuously receives a C or a D on his papers in Dr. Kavanagh's English Literature class, and the school doesn't want to lose their best football player because of his bad grades so he's been given the chance to re-write his latest paper in the hope Dr. Kavanagh will finally grant him a higher grade and that's when things change between the two of them...

"He wasn't supposed to reach into my soul and get a handhold of my heart or squeeze these feelings out of me, exactly as he'd just done. No one should be able to do that in eight double-spaced pages. But he had." - Aspen

Experiences from Aspen's past made her weary of cocky star athletes and she presumes Noel is exactly like the one from her past. But when she learns his reasons for being in college, she begins to see the person behind the star athlete image.

Noel has had a rough upbringing and is still the sole provider for his three younger siblings. On his shoulders rests the huge responsibility of succeeding in college so he'll be able to keep his scholarship, combined with leading the football team and working at a night club. Everyone at school knows who he is and worships his talent, but no one truly knows him or why he's so desperate to succeed...until her.

"I wanted you to look at me and see the success I wanted to be. Not the failure I knew I was."- Noel

Aspen and Noel have a lot of odds against them but as they spend more and more time together, the temptation to become more than just friends becomes irresistible and their relationship slowly develops into something more. I have to say that Aspen wasn't my favorite heroine and I found it a bit odd that she didn't have any friends and that she let herself be ruled so much by her cruel parents, but on the other hand, I also understand why her upbringing made her that way. Plus, Noel more than made up for it with his sweet, sexy ways! With her being somewhat reserved and him being so playful, they complimented each other perfectly.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this "forbidden" love story with lots of sexual tension, a slight amount of (unnecessary) drama, many swoon-worthy moments and a sweet happy ending. I loved catching up with Reese and Mason from book 1 Price of a Kiss and all the side characters made the story even more colorful and fun to read. One other thing I really loved were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter; they fitted the content of the story really well. Already looking forward to the next part of this series!

"I don't care how many school policies tell us no. I'm saying yes."

"You are mine. And I'm yours.
And we belong together."

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