Review: All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

Saturday, May 10, 2014
All Our Yesterdays (All Our Yesterdays, #1) 

4.5 Stars


Yes, yes I know it's a really amazing sci-fi,time travel thriller, that's chocka-blocked full of action and suspense and a liberal dose of angsty teen love. This I know, but my reaction towards the story completely surprised me!

Firstly if you plan on reading this book, here's a tip: Keep your wits about you, there's so much going on and every detail is so important, you can't miss anything! Secondly. OMG about halfway through this book I was getting major Butterfly Effect vibes, not even vibes they were freaking quakes! I loved Butterfly Effect! Look, I mean the stories are completely different, it's the entire feel of the book and certain scenes made me think of the movie.

The story has three main characters. There's Marina our heroine, she's been in love with James since she was in diapers (well almost) she's constantly pining over him like any hormonal teenaged girl would. In the beginning of the story, she annoyed so bad I second guessed my decision on reading this book, she was spoiled, bratty and had serious self esteem problems. But trust me her faults are vital to the story, Marina does some serious growing up over a short period of time. Her transformation is fundamental to the story.

Then there's James. a child prodigy, he's busy studying to get his PHD in God knows what, he's a brain, that's all you need to understand.
He's also this really awkward kid, who got really good looking overnight, and hasn't adjusted to his new image. You see, his older brother Nate is a congressman, and these attributes give his "popularity" a major boost. But ultimately he's still the same gangly nerd who couldn't fit in. He also has behavioral problems...

And finally we have, Finn, the oddball in the lot. He's background isn't as affluent as Marina's and James. He's James' best friend and the bane of Marina's existence, because wherever James is, Finn is there too. And how the hell is Marina supposed to get James' to notice her if Finn keeps getting in the way??? *insert eyeroll* Finn is sweet, quirky and the cutest this under the sun and I absolutely loved him! No matter how horrible his situation is he never let it show, and he always cracked a joke.

I'm about to get all cheezy and teary eyed. This book will evoke intense emotions, feels! Forget about the fact that is science fiction and dystopian and just read the story. It's unforgettable, keeps you wondering right till the end and then some. It's a coming of age story in a really weird and warped way. I didn't give you any details about the actual plot because I feel like all of that would spoil. Seriously, if I was to write a detailed review, it would take me days, that's how intricate the plot is!

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