Monster in his eyes by J.M. Darhower

Thursday, May 01, 2014


I absolutely loved this book!!I couldn't put it down!!!It was dark,hot,captivating,mysterious and intense!It was a story about passion and control..This book made me feel like I'm a part of the story!  

The story is about a young student college, Karissa who finally has the opportunity to live an independent  life  away from her mother ..But soon Karissa's life will change when she meets a mysterious man named Naz who is twise her age..
Their connection is beyond her control..and soon they will be together..but Naz warned her tha he isn't a good man...

But what can you do when you fell in love with a Monster??
Is he really a Monster or he is something more??

Lately I have read some really good books with difference in ages and this is one of them!I loved the story of this one.And I didn't have problem with the ages.
 Naz was a very interesting character!He intrigued me from the beginning!He was  handsome,compelling,mysterious and dark.He was a man who wants attention and believe me you can't resist him!!!

The sex scenes were so hot and passionate!!!

"He fucks me like he means it,
like he needs it,like being inside
of me is more important than
anything inside of him, and
every cell in my body calls out
to him,craving more of it."

And the ending...I didn't see that coming!!If you love books with mystery,suspense and passionate this is what you need!!

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