Don't look back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Monday, May 05, 2014


"Don't look back.
You won't like
what you find."

Wow it was amazing!!I really enjoyed it!It hooked me from the first page until the end!!I loved the mystery and suspense!!I couldn't guess who was the killer and honestly when I learn, it was a shock for me!!It's really a great change of pace for the author and I hope that she will write more books like this!!And the fact that the romance was secondary didn't bother me at all!!This is a YA be prepared... :))

 Two teenage girls went missing for four days...until Samantha was found wandering in the streets..Everyone wants to know what happen but Samantha has no recollection of what's happened.And now she is in a life that she doesn't remember and she tries to pick up the pieces and find what really happened...

"...I stared at a stranger in the bathroom mirror.
I'd never seen her face before.
But it was mine."

I don't want to say anymore about the story for fear of spoiling it..because it was amazing and I think everybody must read it!!

I loved the characters, especially Samantha who was a really interesting character!!She tried to change her life..because the way she was before it wasn't good...While she was friend with Cassie the other girl who missing she was rude and many people at school didn't like her.And this is what I liked about her..that she wanted to be a better person!
I also loved her brother and Carson!Carson is so cute and sweet!He cares for Samantha and he was there for her..I honestly can't understand why she hasn't fell in love with him before!!I didn't like her boyfriend and her friends from the beginning!Also Cassie reminds me a lot Alison from the tv series "Pretty little liars".

  I loved that it kept me guessing until the end!!!I really enjoy the final outcome!!If you are looking for a mysterious,psychological thriller with captivating characters, this is what you need!!

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