Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

Sunday, May 04, 2014


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I was intrigued from the blurb and I couldn't wait to read it!!And this book was so hot!!Honestly it's one of the hotest book I have ever read..and the story was really interesting!!I liked both characters and especially Roth...he is so ALPHA!!!!And so delicious!!!You must meet him :))

When I started this book I really didn't know what to expect!The beginning intrigued me and I wanted to know more and more...


The story begins with Kyrie who lost her job and now she is desperate because she is
without job and she can't take care of her family...She is responsible for her ill mother,her brother and also she tries to make it through college.Until one day...she received a check for $10,000 and the mail only says "You"..and this continue to happen and every time there is a new word to add..

"To me"

Who is this mysterious man who sent her money???
And what he wants from her????


Kyrie decide to live with his money..until one day it's time to finally meet the man who care for her so long.When they finally meet..she is blindfold...and omg I was feeling the I was blindfold...and I didn't know how was this man...if he was old or young..if he was handsome or ungly..What a mystery!!!I must say that it was really hot to be blindfold,without know what to expect!!

The sex scenes were extremely hot!!I really enjoyed this book!!If you are looking for a deliciously erotic book..this is what you need!!

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