The Will by Kristen Ashley

Saturday, April 12, 2014
The Will (Magdalene, #1) 

★★★★★ 5+ stars!

“It’s never too late to reach for happiness and no matter what life has done to you, it’s never too late to find it.”

Reading this book = being in KA Heaven!!! 

And it made me soooo happy.

Really, it did.

I was torn between devouring it like crazy or savoring every chapter of it, but in the end the devouring part won and I ended up reading it in 2 days. The Will has everything the perfect, standard KA story should have: a strong but quirky heroine, a fierce and protective alpha male, a huge amount of loopy and unique side characters, an interesting and captivating plot, some drama, lots of sexual tension and a fantastic epilogue. ♥

Josephine Malone is a 45 year old assistant to the famous fashion photographer Henry Gagnon and she's perfectly content with her life the way it is. Travelling all over the world, meeting famous artists and supermodels, wearing the latest couture and fashion outfits, eating in the finest restaurants. Her life has all the luxury she could want. Events from her past however have made her pull up a disguise for the past 23 years that makes her come off as cold and aloof. To protect her own heart, she's built up a barrier and refuses to let anyone in. Relationships aren't her thing and she's decided she's perfectly fine with casuals flings. The only person truly close to her is her grandmother, Lydie Malone. And maybe her boss, Henry, whom she's been in (unrequited) love with for the past 23 years.

Now, she's lost one of those two people. Her grandmother Lydie has died and she has to return to the small town Magdalene in Maine to attend her funeral and hear her will being read. While she's there she stays in her grandmother's Lavender House, the one place she truly calls home and she meets the mysteriously handsome Jake Spear...

Jake Spear is an ex-boxer, strip club owner and father of three children. He's been married three times and each and every time those marriages have been a failure. Despite his bad choices in love, he's a respectable and upstanding citizen of the small town of Magdalene, a caring father to his children and he's been a close friend to Lydie for the past 7 years. Throughout these years Lydie has told him much about her granddaughter Josie and everything she's told has been good. So good even that, combined with the pictures she's shown him of her, he's come to care about her as well even though he's never met her in person.

When they meet shortly after Lydie's funeral, Josie has no idea who he is since her grandmother has never talked about him throughout the years she's known him and his family. But when Lydie's Will is read, Jake and Josie both find out how much Lydie thought the two of them would be a perfect match to each other.

"My most precious possession, the thing I treasure about anything else in this world, that being my granddaughter, Josephine Diana Malone, I hereby bequeath to James Markham Spear.”

Even though Josie finds it bizarre that her grandmother would "bequeath" her to a man she's never met, she and Jake start to hang out and get to know each other as friends.

"What's next?" I queried. 

"Don't know, Josie. Just know whatever it is I want you to be a part of it and I hope like fuck you want the same."

Jake and Josie's love is like a slow burning candle. Even though they both have feelings for each other from the start, they both have their own reasons for taking things slow and letting the foundation of their relationship grow strong before taking the next step. With her being so proper and well spoken (which at first annoyed me but started to grow on me throughout the story) and him being so no-nonsense and rough, they couldn't have been more different but somehow they made perfect sense together and they complemented each other perfectly!

“I never wanted anything but you, Jake… And I wanted you before I even knew you… You’re everything I ever wanted, darling.”

Of course, there are some obstacles to overcome before they find their happiness. There's some drama and a bit of angst, but not a huge amount of it. And even though this book is a long one, I enjoyed every single page of it and when it was over all I could think was that I want more. Josie and Jake's story had me hooked from an it might even be one of my new favorite KA stories EVER. All in all, this was the PERFECT start to a new series and I'm already anxiously awaiting the next tale in the Magdalene series. :)


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