Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.

Friday, April 04, 2014

5 STARS!!!

This was amazing!I absolutely loved it!


This is the way Andrew acts around women..he's a manwhore!He's a lawyer who doesn't have time for he meets women in an online dating site, also he is member on a lawyer site which he meets Alyssa and instantly they become friends and chat everyday for 6 mounths..He insists to meet her ..but she doesn't want to meet him because she doesn't want to change the friendly relatioship, which they have..
 Alyssa asks Andrew to help her for an interview...
In the interview she meets Andrew but she doesn't know who he is...because he hasn't told her his real name...

Alyssa lied to him..
Andrew lied to her...
Who is the biggest liar?  

Once their paths collide and the truth reveals things will change...
What will happen???

I will not say anymore because this is a short read and it's better to read it and enjoyed!!

I liked both characters from the beginning and I liked their chemistry!This was really surprised if you considered that this is a short book!Even thought at the begining it was from the phone or with texts!Andrew is so hot and cocky, I loved his dirty mouth :))) Alyssa is  smart and she know what she wants from her life!!So likeable characters!!They will keep your interest until the end!!    

 The ending OMG!!!
I didn't expected something like that!

Brilliant!A steamy and hot read!!I can't wait for the next book!!Highly recommend!!

*ARC provided by author as an exchange for honest review*

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