Love in English by Karina Halle

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


"Design your own universe, make your own stars,
write your own stories and create
your own destiny."

I love books that awake my feelings and this is definately one of them!!It's an incredible,powerful and emotional story.It captivated me from the beginning! Every time I read a new book from Karina, I'm impressed!Her writing is so unique that it evokes, lifelike situations within the reader's mind.The characters she creates are so real!

Love is unpredictable, we can't control who falls in love..This is what happens with Vera and Mateo..

Vera is a 23 years old, Canadian girl who decides to be a part on a language programme which helps Spanish with their conversational English.In this programme she must stay in Spain for one month...
There she meets many people and one of them is Mateo.A 38 years old Spanish who is a businesman...
While they are in Las Palabras they discover the meaning of friendship and love..
Both characters have a lust for each other..
but what can you do when you know that the person you are in love with is married??


Can you resist your feelings???

Honesdtly, if I was Vera, I wouldn't  be able to resist!!I don't like the kind of affairs in books but reading this book anyone can sympathize with the characters feelings...

I loved both characters!!Vera is one of my favorite characters of Karina's books because she isn't your typical heroine.. 

"I am the vilain.
Wild hair.
Wild heart.
Tattoos and piercings.
I love food too much.
I love sex too much."

But however she is smart,kind and funny!She feels lost and she thinks that she doesn't feet anywhere..This trip in Spain will help her to discover herself and find love..Mateo *sigh* I fell in love with him from the beginning!!He was funny,handsome and sensual!Like Karina said in her book a Spanish god!!

An amazing book *sigh* I will read it again and again!!!I highly recommend it!!   
Thank you so much Karina for giving me the privilege of being among the first who read the book <333


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