White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



 Wow this book was really good! I loved everything about it, the plot was addicting and full of surprises!I loved the world Jennifer created. Jennifer creates a world  filled with gargoyles who are called the "Wardens" and they are against  the demons who have escaped Hell. It's unique the storyline, I haven't read something like this before!

Layla isn't so ordinary... because she is half gargoyle and half demon.. 

 Layla has been living so many years with the Warden's. Her unique abilities help them track demons..She feel safe with them and especially with one of them Zayne, who was on her side from when she was child. Everything is going well for Layla..until one day she's attacked by a demon, and then everything changes..when another demon saved her... Roth who is an upper demon..and not only this he is gorgeous and cocky!!!
Layla tries to  avoid Roth but appears to spend more time together . Layla starts to realise that maybe not everything she knows is true. Things are getting more dangerous as more Demons keep appearing trying to find Layla.
Can she trust Roth? Can she believe everything the Wardens tell her? Can she still trust Zayne?

Layla was an amazing heroine! She is sweet, strong and brave.The only reason I give this book 4 stars, is because sometimes she was a little childish and this bothered me..

Mmmmm Zayne or Roth?????

Both guys care a lot about Layla..But who  will she choose???

While Zayne is sweet, Roth is dangerous hot and sexy. From the beginning, Layla has feelings for Zayne. But the thing is he is so protective and he is afraid to pursue a relationship with her, so he's almost like a brother figure for her . On the other hand Roth *sigh* is so different!He  wants her from the beginning and doesn't deny it! He is protective and he will do anything for her!!The attraction between them is explosive!!

I'm so taken by this world! Once again, Jennifer manages to  create a total convincing paranormal world! An amazing book with kickass characters!! This is a must read for everyone who loves paranormal! It will blow you away and leave you needing for more!! 


  1. I'm glad to hear that JLA still has it. I haven't gotten around to reading this yet, but I loved both her Lux and Sentinel series, so I'm sure I will (eventually). Great review!

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    1. Thank you Jessica <33 You must read it!!! It was amazing :D and Roth is really hot ;)


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