Special Forces - Soldiers by Aleksandr Voinov guest reviewer Rosalinda

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Special Forces - Soldiers (Special Forces, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I met Vadim in 1980 under circumstances that I cannot repeat. We were hell-bent on destruction at first. Enemies: two soldiers, Soviet spetsnaz and British SAS. But it changed, [...], it all changed completely over the years"

This book, amig@s! HOLLY FREAKING HELL this book!There are NO words in ANY language to describe what I felt while reading this EPIC story.

Simply THE BEST!

SOLDIERS changed something in me. I am dead serious. I can’t take those characters off my mind, I am constantly thinking about them as if they were real. Like I wonder what they are doing right now and that is weird. But I can’t help it.

I remember the first time I started reading this book I could not understand why people loved it so much. If you’ve read it, you’ll know the scene I am talking about. I hated Vadim with all my soul, I wanted him dead and I wished the worst for him. So I stopped reading the book, that was before Xmas.

A few weeks ago after a few MEH books I decided to pick it up again and I just wanted to KILL MYSELF (literally) for not reading this gem before.

Soldiers tells us the story of Vadim & Dan, two war enemies who met each other under the worst circumstances. That’s all you’ll get from me about the story. I freaking HATE spoilers and I want all of you to go blind when reading this (although most of my buddies have already read it anyway).

The writing style was exquisite, sometimes it was like reading poetry, I kid you not. My absolute favourite character was Vadim even though I started hating him but something changed (as Deirdre would say, this is due to Voinov’s character development skills).

I can’t tell you how many millions of butterflies camped in my belly while I was reading this. Just one touch, one merely brush made my body shiver.

And this is not only the most epic story I’ve read in my life, this was also the most real one. I swear after all those books I’ve read before I thought my boyfriend had a fault or something. I mean, how many books have we read about guys having sex like 10 times in a row without giving their wieners some time to recover? I asked my boyfriend and he said that was bullshit but I kept trusting the books until I read Soldiers. Vadim & Dan always waited to recover before round two, they even didn’t have a round two sometimes! I now know that I am going to marry the right person, thanks God!

I have started Mercenaries this morning and can’t wait to know what happens with them (even if I cheated and I know how their story will end). Don’t judge me, I never do it that way but I couldn’t help it this time.

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