Shocking Heaven by D.H. Sidebottom

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Shocking Heaven (Room 103, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***Christine's Disclaimer***

While I adore this book I have to stress the following points
1. Very few of my friends actually enjoyed this book.
2. The hero and heroine are both whorish people (by that I mean, they have lots and lots of sex, not always with each other)
3. This book contains a lot swearing, I'm serious a lot of swearing.
4. The words babe and f*ck are said numerous times and I mean numerous.
5. Do not blame me if the book gives you a bleeding ulcer.

Ladies and Gentleman!

Prepare yourselves for some:
1. Angst
2. ALPHA male
3. Characters who swear constantly
4. Cheating - although this is debatable
5. Hot sex! (view spoiler)
6. Fast paced, and exciting. Zero character development though, this doesn't bother me. SURPRISE!
7. Jaxx, seriously the dude doesn't say much, but when he does you either wanna go AWWWWW or orgasm on the spot!

It's all about the...

and I'm like...

While Jax and Eve are like...

Actual Review:
One of the most entertaining books I have read this year! This book is the poster child for drama, imagine the love child of The Days of Our Lives and Crack and you have Shocking Heaven! If it could happen, it happened!

The characters were borderline bipolar, every emotion they had was felt intensely. It was a freaking rollercoaster of emotions, the author bombards the reader with revelations, twists and some pretty hot sex. I don't think I ever got a break.

Look this is one of those hit or miss books, you'll either hate it, or you're freaking love it! I get bored easily when reading, I need constant stimulation and while I enjoy reading stories with multi-layered characters, set a a realistic pace, I read for escapism first and foremost. I need my characters to scream and shout at each other something that'll make me feel what they feel. INTENSELY.

This book was riddled with editing mistakes. I'm not even sure if it was even edited, that did not deter me from reading it though. The characters were like my buddies, I absolutely loved Eve! Yes I loved the heroine. Jax was a douche of epic proportions, he was selfish in his love for Eve. He would harp on about how he would always protect her, but ultimately he was possessive of Eve, and would do anything to keep her by his side, even to her detriment. Suffice to say I loved him!

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