Locked and Loaded by Nenia Campbell Review

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Locked and Loaded (The IMA, #3)

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

Christina Parker agreed to go to work for the BN because she thought it would keep her and her loved ones safe. But the BN's training facility is more like a prison than a school, and rumors about her illicit relationship with an IMA assassin make assimilation difficult - if not impossible.

At the same time, Michael Boutilier has his hands full trying to deal with his psychotic boss's latest sick and sordid plan to broaden his sphere of influence...through social media.

In this age of six degrees of separation, their problems might be more connected than they think...


"It is far more pleasurable to break something beautiful. A butterfly's wings, so much better to tear off than that of a common fly. A crystal sculpture shatters so much more satisfactorily than a dull jar of clay.

Let me start with the first chapter of Locked and Loaded... We have a scene with bucket loads of sexual tension and then a huge shocker, we get an erotic scene!!! WHAT??? You may ask why I'm so shocked. Well I didn't think Nenia wrote erotica, hot erotica, sizzling erotica! You've been holding out on us!!! I may have read some scenes six times over... Particularly one involving bondage and Michael...

Locked and Loaded is set a short time after the last book Armed and Dangerous. Christina and Michael have a tentative relationship, Christina is still awkward and shy when it comes to anything involving her, Michael and a bed. But I think she's also started to mature. She may be a prude and lack self confidence, but she didn't let Michael push her around.

She's agreed to work for the BN, a sacrifice she makes in order to keep her and her father safe. But she might have bitten off more than she can chew. There are enemies who are hard at work, an arch nemesis orchestrating events that could prove fatal. To be quite honest I didn't know who to trust, everyone was was a suspect. This book should be a movie, that's how gripping it was, there were so many twists and turns.

"What's your rush? Live fast," he said, "f*ck slow."

I know I'm rambling here but Michael Boutilier is hands down my favourite book boyfriend, he's so cocky and so sexy and when he says anything in French I freaking melt!!! Freaking sigh!!!

He is the connoisseur of topping from below!!! OMG he let Christina take over!!! And it was freaking awesome!!! What's more, he didn't lose he's alpha appeal because of it!!!

If you haven't read this series, trust me, just give it a go! This is quality romance, suspense, action and Michael!!!

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