Black Box by Cassia Leo

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 "I feel like I've known you all my life.
  I don't want that feeling to go away. 
 I want to know you all my life."

This is amazing!Black Box is one of the books that it will stay with you forever!This book was  captivated from the first pages!This story is about fate, love,hope and lost.It was painful,heartbreaking,sad,emotional,beautiful.So many emotions..I was crying a lot so be prepared and have klinex with you!!You will need them!!This book affect me a lot!!  

"What's the difference between fate & luck?"

 "Fate is for fairy tales. 
 Luck is what happens when you're in the right place at the right time...
 with the right person."

Do you believe in fate??

Crush and Mikki’s story will teach you that Fate has a plan for you!No matter what are our choises, in the end we get what it meant for us....
Mikki is  a girl suffering from mental illness.In her past something happened so awfull that make her want to end her life..So she decides to take a trip to LA to end her life.In the airoport she meet Crush a stranger who loves music and  still has in his mind to find the one girl who saved his life and have the only copy of  "Black Box"... He goes in LA to record his demo.

Fate brings these two together and their connection is instant!While there is a storm out and their flight   canselled they are stuck together for days and they spent their time together.Crush feel that he can't leave Mikki alone..

Who would have thought, that  they discover something important for both of them..
How many times fate has crossed their path.. 

They start they journey looking for something relevant Black Box...
I don't want to say anymore because it reveals what will happen in the book so I end it here.

This book was unique!!I fell in love with the characters!!They are so real!!They are so different from the other book couples!Mikki is so broken.but you will see how much she changed and seemed to heal because of Crush. He was the only one who really understood her and bring her back her life. He know exactly what Mikki needs and wants. He was perfect  for Mikki.I like him from the beginning!!He was sweet! 

This is definitely a must read!! 

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