An Eye for an Eye: Zach & Katie's Story by Lynda Chance

Saturday, February 01, 2014

4.5 Heart Warming Stars!!!


Now if you're a hardcore Lynda Chance fan, like yours truly, you'll know what to expect when reading one of her books.
1. OTT Possessive alpha male
2. Beautiful and fragile heroine
3. Hot smoking sex scenes

This book was so different, don't get me wrong, it had all three of the things I pointed out above, although the sex was little toned down this time, which is to be expected since the heroine is a rape victim and this is NA people! He's not going to "eat her p#ssy like he's going to get quizzed on the sh#t!"

What made this book different to all the books I've read by Lynda Chance was the:

Our hero, Zachary McIntyre is a man who has been betrayed in the worst way. His wife cheated on him with the town drunk and all round no gooder, what makes it worse is that his wife was leaving town with this man but they never made it very far. Their journey was cut short when the car they were in crashed killing them both and the unborn child Zachary's wife was carrying.

Zachary is grieving and angry, he takes out his anger the family of the man who took everything away from him. Katie Turner is Hanna's best friend and she's always with Hanna, which means she spends a lot of time at Zachary's childhood home. He can't stand to look at her, he convinces himself he hates her. But he is also wildly attracted to her, and he acts like an ass because of it!

Katie is a fragile soul, she's been through hell and back. She has one secret she's been hiding from everyone in town, but when things start getting out of hand she has to come forward. Zachary is a constant pain in her ass, he's always got something mean to say to her and she knows he blames her and her family for what happened to him. She's surprised when Zach kisses her one day. She goes away to college and suddenly Zach pursues her. What's changed?? He's always hated her and now her wants her?

Zach struggles with the intense feelings he has for Katie, and Katie struggles to overcome what happened to her, if she can get over what happened maybe she can move on this her life...

Zach really surprised me, he was definitely alpha but he was also sweet, kind and understanding. He new when to back off, Katie needed a special kind of man and he was able to be that man!

If it isn't obvious then I'll tell it to you straight.

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