Twist Me by Anna Zaires

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Twist Me

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Love My Captor Stars

A little bit about the story
Nora is an average girl, she lives with her parents, goes out with her friends every weekend. She's about to graduate from high school, she's starting a new chapter of her life. She's even got her her eye on the cutest guy in school, but when she goes out with her friend one day all thoughts of that cute boy are forgotten. A man stares at her from across the room, she can feel his intensity, she feels drawn to him but is also a bit weary of him. When she leaves the club she doesn't think she'll ever see him again. But he has other plans...

She's taken, and so begins he new life, her captor has deep and dark sexual cravings. And he begins to introduce and train her to satisfy his needs. The more he reveals of his deepest desires, the more they become her desires too, she discovers that pleasure can be derived form pain and that the two are more alike than she's ever thought...

And in that moment, I feel possessed by him, like he's taking more than just my body. Like he's laying claim to something deep within me, bringing out a side of me that I never new existed. Because in his arms, I experience something I have never felt before. A primitive and completely irrational sense of belonging...

My Thoughts
I'm going to start with what I didn't like:

Twist Me is a captivity story, but in my opinion it doesn't read like one. It is perhaps a more daring and intense version of books similar to FSOG, again this is my opinion. I believe that captivity stories go hand in hand with non-con/reluctance, which didn't happen in this book. Nora describes her captor as being ruthless, she is scared of him, he forces her into doing things she doesn't want to... I beg to differ, again my opinion.

The Good:

I loved the narrative, it was engaging and I was never bored. Although slow to start, the story did hook me and I was invested in the characters, I wanted to know where the story would go. The last 40% of this book was riveting, I couldn't put it down! Why? The element of suspense was brought in, the pace picked up and I enjoyed it that much more. So to be honest the last 40% gets 5 stars from me!

Final Thoughts

Twist me is a captivity story with a good dose of BDSM/erotica and suspense/thriller traits. It was well written and well thought out. Although I wouldn't classify it as dark, does not mean it isn't, just means I don't think it is.

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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