The Proposition 2: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward

Monday, January 06, 2014
The Proposition 2: The Ferro Family (The Proposition, #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blackmail. Sex. Ferro.

I'm not sure where Hallie and Bryan's story is going, but I smell a love triangle! I would stop but I'm way too invested in this story and I'll be damned if I stop now!

In the second installment of The Proposition, a whole bunch of dramatic stuff happens. It would have been OTT if it wasn't so damn addictive! 

1. Murder - (view spoiler)
2. Near Fatal Attacks - (view spoiler)
3. Secrets - (view spoiler)
4. Tortured Hero - Bryan is broody, intense and bipolar at the best of times. I like it!
5. Silly Heroine - I really liked Hallie in the first book, but now she's starting to annoy me. Neil is playing her, she knows it, but she's got some kind of self sabotaging problem because she's ignoring all her suspicions and gut feelings!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.
6. Annoying Secondary Characters - Neil is a douche and annoying as fuck. I hate him!!!
7. Awesome Best Friend - I love Maggie! She's a fiery and fiesty red head who is protective of her best friend! And... she tells it like it is!

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