Rebel by Skye Jordan

Friday, January 10, 2014
Rebel (Renegades, #2)

★★★★ 4 My Very Own Rebel stars!

Rebel by Sky Jordan is the second book in her Renegades-series and a perfect follow-up to its prequel Reckless. Ever since reading the previous book, I've been looking forward to Wes and Rubi's story. Just like Lexi in book one, Rubi is a feisty, independent heroine but even more so, Rubi actively works at pushing away anyone who come to close to penetrating her tough exterior. It was already clear that Wes was a bit infatuated with the exotic beauty, but will he finally be the one to break through and tame her wild nature or are they just too different from each other to ever have a future together?

For a while now, Rubi and Wes have been spending more and more time together. Their friendship has become an important part of their lives, but Wes had made it clear that he wants more. Rubi, on the other hand, is determined to never let it get any further. She doesn't want to lose him as a friend and her fear of losing him altogether makes her keep him at a safe distance.

Rubi Russo has a troubled past and family life that keeps haunting her and preventing her from trusting people and showing her true feelings. The fact that her own father never really wanted her and that he never showed her he cared for her, makes it hard for her to let anyone in. She doesn't do relationships. Ever. And she makes it perfectly clear to Wes that that's how it'll always be. So, he suggests an arrangement:

"Sex when we want to fuck and friends the rest of the time."

And well, let's just say that despite his "good guy" personality, Wes Lawson can be quite persistent and convincing when he goes after something he wants. Being raised on a farm with parents who weren't as accepting of his "Hollywood"-stuntman career he's had to fight his entire adult life to get to were he is now. He's used to having to work hard in order to achieve his goals and right now his goal is winning over Rubi's heart, body and soul. Even if the way to do it, is to just be "friends with benefits" at first. Rubi's indecisive nature did bother me at times, but I understood where she was coming from and during the second part of the book I started to like her personality and decision making much better.

I loved Wes! Maybe he wasn't such an intriguing bad boy as Jax, but his good old charm and warm personality more than made up for that. He's sweet, caring, funny and sexy as hell when he wants to be. I loved how determined and patient he was towards Rubi and how he never gave up on trying to make her feel wanted and loved. Oh, and let's not forget his noteworthy creativity with chocolate ice cream! ;)

"God, I want to suck you," he murmured, keeping his fingers light over her pussy. Teasing. "I want to lick you. I want to eat you. I want to fuck you with my tongue. So good. It would be so good."

Skye Jordan sure knows how to write some off the charts hot and sexy scenes! But that we already knew from Jax and Lexi's "sexting" in book one. Other than that, this book has humor and a little bit of drama, but overall it was a fun and entertaining read! We also get quite some scenes with the rest of the Renegades-brigade and of course Lexi and Jax, which made the story all the more fun to read. There is no cliffhanger and (view spoiler). Already looking forward to the next book in this series!!

**ARC courtesy of Cygnet Books, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review**  

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