Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

Monday, January 20, 2014
Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1)
 5 Scorching Hot Stars!

Fighting Destiny by Amy Hutchins is the first book in The Fae Chronicles

What an absolutely fun and exciting introduction to a series

The first book packs a serious punch, we're introduced to Syn, as she and her coven take on a very difficult assignment; what starts out as a very challenging assignment turns into something completely different and unexpected.

When Syn and the Dark Prince meet, their relationship is complex... They might not like each other but they have this inexplicable attraction, two sworn enemies who can't keep their hands off each other. Now when I say they couldn't keep their hands off each other I'm was serious, when it comes to these two together, they don't need much to set them off.

Syn is a witch, the only thing she cares about is avenging her parents death and protecting her coven. She hates everything about the Fae especially the Prince of the Dark Fae, Ryder.

When they meet, she's horrified at the attraction she feels for him, and avoids him at all costs. Too bad he won't let her.

Ryder is the prince of the dark fae, he's ruthless and unpredictable. When he sees Syn, he might not like her but that won't stop him from having her. Her resistance makes the chase even better. His past is a mystery and as the story progresses we get clues and insight giving us a tiny picture of why he does the things he does...

Syn and Ryder suffered from a serious case of "I hate you so much that I wanna f#ck you" syndrome. Their anger would always lead to them mauling each other against some surface, and I absolutely loved it!

I'm not a huge fan of Syn (she was little bit too blonde and beautiful) but her personality complimented Ryder's perfectly. Ryder was the perfect alpha male in my opinion, he was over bearing, rude and 100% hot!

If you're looking for a fun and sexy PNR, this is it! The first book in the series was unputdownable!

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