Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


"You're the first person I though of"
"The only one I wanted here with me."

Wow I loved it!!!I didn't like the previous book and I wasn't sure for this one! But after I read some of the reviews I decided to read it!! And I wasn't disappointed!! This was really good!! I loved the story and the characters!!! There were so many emotional scenes. I really wanted to cry!! I didn't want this book to end!! I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite books from this series!!! In the beginning I thought Branden and Joss were my favorite couple, but I was wrong!!

I loved the friendship between Nate and Olivia. As their relationship progressed into more than just 'friends', I connected with both of them both. I felt their love and their pain...

 Olivia isn't sexually experienced and she wants the help of her friend Nate. Nate doesn't stay with the same woman for more than one night and he has so much experience when it comes to . So he decides to help her.They have a sexual relationship.

But can they keep it without, causing damage to their friendship? I loved Olivia!! She was honest about her insecurities and finding ways to change the things she didn't like about herself. I like that she slowly found her voice and was able to express her feelings to Nate and what she wanted from him. OMG Nate Nate....mmmm *sigh* He is a hot,sexy,funny,alluring Scot!! He wants to help Olivia...but in the beginning he didn't want to feel more...He has experienced a loss in his past, a person he loved a lot and he doesn't that to happen again. Sometimes I was pissed with him but I understood where he was coming from.. The chemistry between them was so hot!!! I loved Nate's dirty mouth!! I think this book is the hottest in this series!!!

"I couldn't believe you'd been hiding those long, gorgeous legs.I dreamt of your legs that night,Liv.I dreamt they were wrapped around my back while I fucked your brains out." 

"I want you.I want you to ride my c@ck and I want you to ride it hard.And then afterwards I want to site with my friend,eat some food and watch a movie with her.I'm not going anywhere."
If you like friends who becoming lovers with a little drama this is what you really need!! I recommend it to everyone!!

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