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Friday, December 13, 2013

Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1)

**5 Intense, Sweet and Captivating stars**


"Never doubt this is exactly where you belong."

A story about an ugly ducking and a hawk, who sees beyond appearance and rank, to the beautiful and gentle soul that lays underneath.

I didn't think I could ever say I would love a BDSM read...they're just not for me, but I can say with all my heart, that I LOVED this book!

Ori, a sweet, soft spoken and miss judged shifter, has seen hardships in life at the hands of others, who see him below them. Unsure of his rank in the Avian's world, his placed as a servant at the nest, until his full shift determines his place with the other shifters. Ori's job is to clean and service the other shifters as they see fit. That's until a hawk with a higher rank takes notice of him, and proceeds to change his way of living.

Raynard sees that Ori is out of place, and detests to his mistreatment. He doesn't understand his interest in the fledgling, or why he offered to take him away from the nest; to become a servant at his own home. But his desires for Ori run deeper than a master should feel for his servant. For Raynard sees a submissive trait in Ori, he wishes to control.

The most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive. I will take great care that no harm comes to my masters submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himself.

A relationship I didn't think could last or develop. Turned into a beautiful love story that will stay with me for years to come. This book amazed me. Just when I thought I knew what was coming, it took me by complete surprise. It opened my eyes to the possibility of never giving up on what or who you want, even when this is perceived as wrong. It taught me that even the weak, should fight for what makes them happy.

"Its not so unknown for a master to fall in love with his submissive."

If you enjoy paranormal in your MM romance and the intensity of BDSM, then this book is for you mates xx

Your you, and your mine. Nothing else matters."

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