The Devil's Reprise by Karina Halle review

Friday, November 08, 2013


"She was the song and I was the composer, and I knew all the right notes to hit, again and again."

This is a scary and sexy ride!It opens up in a very graphic rock star sex and drugs scene...I already want to blame Sage for his fuck ups!None of his issues are  good enough excuse to be acting like that way...and at the beginning I was disappointed by him.. but then when he is again with  Dawn and he finally talks and says everything..I realize that I forgive him!Because I love him and whatever he does he is still the sexy rock star!!

 This book delves into the idea once again of making a deal with the devil..and Devil always collects..

We pick up a few months after the end of The Devil's Metal with Dawn not able to move on after the supernatural events and the things that happen between her and Sage.When Sage goes on a solo European Tour, Dawn gets the invite to cover as a Music Journalist, only this time Creem Magazine sends along a photographer !Maximus Jacobs, to help document....

Yes yes yes yes he is Maximus from the EIT series :)))))

The chemistry between the characters is still excellent !

Sage is a character I just LOVE reading about!!He makes my heart melt and pisses me off but I can’t help but absolutely love him. Dawn is absolutely a bad ass,strong and determined character!But also she is very honest and vulnerable.I love how real she is… I can relate to both Sage and Dawn in so many ways!

Also this book is extremely hott!!!

I like this book a lot, and I'm happy with the story goes, but I think The Devil's Metal is still my favorite in this series.  

What can I say about Karina Halle???  
She is definitely one of my favorite authors!! She is amazing!She can manage so well the  character development and she is so good creating an atmosphere that places the readers inside the story with the main characters!!I love her and I love all her books!!!
If you need a sexy,scary,heart-wrenching read...This is what you need!!!

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