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Friday, November 22, 2013

Long Time Gone (Hell or High Water #2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For me, reading any review is a spoiler...
so this could be a spoiler depending on how you read it.
Needing someone this much couldn't be fucking normal.


Raw emotion...a fierce given without intense bond...pain...everything Prophet and Tom represent.

Long Time Gone continues four months later, after Thomas chose another partner to work with, instead of Prophet. His choices were all in the hope of protecting Prophet. But sadly, he regrets his choices and seeks to contact Prophet through emails.

I thought I could walk away from our partnership. I ran. I was scared...
I'm trying to take care of you.
Prophet, off the raider and location unknown, has his mind set to take on mission, that forces him to leave everything and everyone behind. That's until he decides to read the daily emails Tom has sent him...that's when his plans to forget, all go to hell.

Mind set and plans made, Prophet sets out to go back and help Tom's aunt Della through a hurricane, predicted to hit Louisiana. With thoughts of Tom working in Eritrea, Prophet didn't expect the intruder breaking into Della's home, during the hurricane, to be none other than Tom himself.

A reunion focused on sating their need for each other, Prophet and Tom forgo discussing their issues to fucking on any available surface in Della's home. I shit you not, people!! Why communicate with words, when touching, kissing and loving the other, is all the ways needed to express your feelings.

He was finally alive again. Holding onto his lifeline in the flesh, knowing that it had almost been too late.


Where Catch a Ghost seemed focused on Prophet's past, this story took us back to Tom's childhood memories and nightmares. A time where he fought for his life. Where those closest to him hurt him, physically and emotionally. Accusations and bullying from his childhood, lead him to believe their hateful words... . When these thoughts and words have been ingrained in you since childhood, repeated're bound to believe them.

Prophet, stubborn and always looking to help and protect Tom, tries to push him to see the wrong in they way he was brought up.
"You were punished for something that was completely out of your control."

Prophet sees Tom for who he really is, and the potential he has to move past the paranoid thoughts of his supposed curse.
"Every time you came back, you proved to them that you were so much stronger than they ever could be."
Prophet sets out to help Tom any way he can, and to stand by him against his past enemies and their hatred.


Even will all the intensity of this book, it still had many funny and light moments, shared between Top and Prophet. From the role play of dominance and submissive they shared at times, to the jokes and bantering, on who knows best.

I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing,suspenseful and extremely sexy book. Look forward to reading more of the Hell or High Water series, as I did feel that more questions were left unanswered...but not in a frustrating way LOL And also I'm dying to find out more on the secondary characters featured in each book.

Mates if you read MM romance, suspense and awesome books in general, than this is the series for you xx

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