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Friday, November 15, 2013

Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes spoilers are a given...

"I liked you better when you were an asshole."


What the FUCK did I just read?! I’m blown away by this book...BRAIN fried, from the intensity and rush I just experienced from this AMAZING story!

"What are you looking for? My attention? because you've got it. You had it when you walked into EE."


I’m finished with the book, but I’m still living the story. My heart is racing; my mind is scrambling to link everything together. From the heart racing thrills, of the dangers they experience; to the anxiety of their survival. I feel like I’m high on an adrenaline rush, from all the excitement and suspense I felt all the way to the end.

Especially the end! (view spoiler)...but mate, was that an awesome ending. It left me desperate to start the next book, with the feeling of a thousand questions still unanswered.

Prophet...oh Proph baby, what have you done to me? How can I ever read another book without your sarcastic, fucked up self being in it?

Prophet tasted sweet, as if the donuts and candy he ate ran through his blood.

A former Navy SEAL and CIA spook, Prophet works at Extreme Escapes Ltd. He’s a major pain in the ass for his boss Phil, always fucking things up and following his own rules. If it feels right, then he goes with it. Whether it gets him in trouble or badly hurt, Prophet makes his own choices...and works ALONE! That’s until Phil assigns him a partner to watch over him, Tom Boudreaux, and to keep him out of trouble. With the parting words of- “Assholes, everyone here works with a partner. Don’t fuck this up or I will fuck you up. Both of you.” What other choices do they have but to work together?

"Are you going to be a dick the entire time we're working together?"

Prophet smirked. I'm what they label 'not good with authority', Tommy."


Tom aka Tommy, just wants to get the job done and not get anyone killed. With an ability to feel trouble coming, Tom always follows his gut feeling, even when others went against him. Which to his surprise, Prophet accepts without a second thought. Attracted to Prophet, Tom begins to trust him. He lets his guard down and grows more attached to his secretive and damaged partner. That’s until reality sinks in and Tom remembers all his bad luck with past partners and why he should distance himself from Prophet.

He won't need protection if you're not around.

A relationship that’s extremely messed up, but yet so right. Two men with difficult and hard pasts, that still haunts them...literally. Prophet’s ghosts are a reminder of why he can’t keep anyone close. Why he will always fail and disappoint those around him. He pushes Tom away, building unbreakable walls, that Tom doesn't have a chance of breaching. Tom tires to get under the surface, to the real Prophet. To make Prophet see the present and also pull him from the past. But how can he fix something that’s damaged beyond repair? Fix something he truly doesn't yet understand?
Tom had only just began to realize how deeply Prophets wounds ran.

And will he try to stay, or give up by protecting Prophet from his own curse?

Well people you’ll have to read this spectacular book to find out! *evil laugh*

For those of you who aren't big on suspense, danger and violence...well the sex will win you over! When I say this book is fucktastic, its an understatement baby! Just prepare yourself for plenty of sexy Prophet and Tommy moments LOL

"Come on- let's go back to bed."

"What do think will happen then?"
"I'm going to fuck you."
"Suppose I want to fuck you?"


My obsession with this book is all thanks to S.E Jakes. Hon where have you been all my life?

Catch a Ghost is an outstanding read, that kept me guessing all the way and does not disappoint. Mates this is a MUST READ!! So off you go...get reading xx

Listened to this as I wrote the review and it seemed fitting.

ARC provided by NetGalley and Riptide in exchange for an honest review. 

Thank you Mona xx for more reviews


  1. Loved your review! This book blew me away too.

    1. Thank you Sophia! I'm currently reading the second book and its just as awesome as the first :))


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