Crash Into You by Katie McGarry review

Monday, November 04, 2013


Such a beautiful story!!I want more of Isaiah!!!One book isn't enough!!
I love Noah but after this book I can say that Isaiah is my big crash :)))))

This is Isaiah's story!And we get to see deeper into who Isaiah is!How he became a foster child and why he lets so few people into his life...It is heartbreaking...

The storry begins with Isaiah who meets Rachel at an illegal race, randomly and a sweet romance starts between them...
Watching them meet and bond over cars and their illegal racing trouble was so much fun!

Rachel is so innocent and Isaïah is such a good guy.They find themselves in a huge situation and they race against the time to fix everything so it doesn't cost them their lives at the end...But with bad luck,foolish brothers and bad guys the things become complicated...

 Rachel suffers from severe panic attacks..She lives in a house with four overprotective brothers who also expect her to be the one  who will make their mother be happy  again after a big tragedy ..She tries to be a perfect daughter...She sacrifices everything to make her family happy... 

Isaiah is broken..He bounces from foster home to home his entire life. Everyone he loved leaves him. He doesn’t want to have feelings for Rachel..He knows those type of feelings make you vulnerable and others are able to use that to their advantage.. 

 What I love more about Isaiah is that he appears to be a tough guy,but in this book  we can see that he also is sensitive and has such a good heart.
With Rachel he slowly shows himself to her and reveals things about his past that no one else know...

"One day I'll get a tattoo for you."..
"I will."
"It's what I do.Each tattoo represents the only happy memories I've had.And you, Rachel, you're the happiest."

"I love you Rachel.So this will work.No matter what or who stands in our way."   

I enjoy this book!! The romance is so sweet!!Katie manage as always to create a fantastic set of characters that will draw you in and hold you there until the end!
If you are a fan of YA romance books with suspense,action,and intense this is what you need!!
I highly recommend it!!

 ARC provided by edelweiss for an honest review

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