Breach by K.I. Lynn review

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 OMG Why I haven't read this book sooner???Why????
I love it!!I loved everything about this book!!The story sucked me in immediately!This book is so intense!!There are so many feelings..passion,love and pain..

"When he punished me, I could feel my whole being open up to him. He filled me with an emotion I couldn't describe, but I know I wanted more of it. I craved it."

“He was playing my body in a way only he could. No other man would ever be able to make me feel this way.” 
 This story is about two broken people that come together..
 Lila is a lawer who works for Law Holloway and Holloway...She is  a very complex character surrounded by sadness.Her childhood was bad.Her family  treated her very bad and she had to deal with physical abuse from her dad, her step brother and her step mom.Now she  has many issues and she still believes that no one loves her or no one will ever want her...Until Nathan walks into her job and life...

They have to work together.Nathan is gorgeous but also anti-social. They start to  hate each other in the begining but there is also sexual tension!One night they are working late and end up having sex.Lila thinks it was the best sex of her life while Nathan leaves her . He doesn’t want to have a relationship with her but they cant stay away from each other.Both characters are almost consumed by loneliness and while they know they should resist the attraction they feel towards each other, they cannot!
And sex becomes their way of expressing their feelings..

OMG the sex is really hot!!!And there are a lot of dirty, intense, hot sex scenes!!  Nathan is all about control and dirty talk.(In the begining it was a shock  for me some of the words Nathan used for sex but it was really hot and I love it :))) ) Lila loves it and they push each other to the limits enjoying every minute of it. 

"You're not going anywhere.You're going to watch me fuck you while you figure out why either of us matter.Why we feel like this when we're together.Suck it up and watch me take what's mine."

"Jesus...I can't take it!You're mine.You're not going anywhere.Mine" 

I really like the characters!Lila is so sweet!She gives Nathan all her love because she never got that from her family in her childhood and Nathan...mmm what can I say about him???I thought he was "normal" and I didn't expect him to be so broken!We may not know the full story of his past but we get glimpses into what has made him the way he is...and it's truly awful. I really like him and his dirty mouth!!!I need more of him!!!

OMG the end....

There is a cliffhanger!! 
I feel so happy that I have the next book because if I didn't have I don't know what I would have done!!

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