Sinister kisses review

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Holy Shit!!!What the hell was that????Wow!

This book is not for everyone!!It is dark and twisted...
Sebastian is not your typical alpha...he is a fucked up, sicko character...

If you like dark books with a sexy, scary, dominate anti-hero then you should read this book! 

Taylor...After witnessing something she should have never seen, Sebastian asks her on a date.Sebastian  is the team leader for SKALS (Special Kill And Leverage Squad)... 

One date leads into a relationship..I can easily see how she became captivated by him..and I understand her because at the beginning I felt the same for him! I was irritated.Unfortunately she has no idea just what kind of darkness he keeps hidden from her until its to late...

"You are mine,Taylor and I protect what is mine.I am the only one that should ever touch you."

Seb mmmm what can I say about him???
He is possessive, controlling, manipulative!One minute he is so loving and sweet and then the next moment he is like a monster and you afraid him!!No one, was safe around him...he was like that with his sister and his mate...However I find his character very interesting!He intrigued me!!

Taylor on the other hand she is so differend..She is so sweet and loyal.But sometinmes really  pissed me with her desisions!

The story moved at a good pace,the  writing was great, there aren't 
 boring moments, and the characters development was wonderful!!.I really like Josh and Monique too and I would love to see a book about them!!

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