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Friday, October 18, 2013


Wow wow wow Amazing!!!Fearscape is definitely a creepy read!!I wasn't sure what to expect when I started the book, but I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed!!It was brilliant!!
This is a story about Valerian...who is a fourteen year old school-girl with a passion for animals and art.. After running into him at a pet shop, Valerian attracts the interest of the TA in her art class..Gavin. Despite her friend's warnings for him, Valerian gets closer to Gavin who does not seem to be what other people are making him out to be ..
At the same time Valerian receives mysterious creepy message from a stalker whose way of speaking is unlike anyone she has ever known...
As Valerian's relationship with Gavin develops...she begins to doubt whether Gavin is the charming boy she first met or she is faced with the fear that Gavin may be the obsessive stalker who haunts her....
This isn't romance.This is about obsession and control...
I like Valerian!!She is only 14 and she is smart and so innocent!I could kind of relate to her. I think that if I were her I will do the same!!Gavin is really charming and I'm sure I will like him too!!
No one expects the handsome one to be so evil..No one expects him to suddenly become her enemy....And this is what happens in this book!!!!
Well what can I say about Gavin????????
My feelings are mixed...sometimes I love him and other times I hate him!!!He is the perfect evil character!!Gavin can captivates you and makes you vulnerable to all his intentions....I think he really needs a person to care about him...because he is alone...

If you haven't read Fearscape, you definitely should. It's dark and creepy!!
I can’t wait to read the rest of this series! I'm sure the next books will blow my 

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