Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell review

Thursday, October 03, 2013
Cloak and Dagger (The IMA, #1)


The Assassin

Meet Michael Boutilier, member of secret government organisation, IMA. He's good at what he does, so when he's next job is to clean up an attempted infiltration, he does it with the same cold and detached precision he is known for. He isn't prepared for the way he feels around his captive and controlling himself becomes a daily struggle.

The Job

Meet Christina Parker, 18 year old high school student. She's naive and sheltered. Her biggest problem being her over bearing and controlling mother. When Michael comes crashing into her life, she doesn't know what to do, she's never met a man like him before. Trying to reason with him won't work, he's ruthless and 100% committed to his job!

My Thoughts
Kidnap Romance!!! Woohoo!!!
Wow! What an absolutely thrilling ride!!! This book owned me from start to finish! I love Michael, a dangerous anti-hero, my weakness! The story is fast paced, gritty and unputdownable! I loved the writing, I loved the fact that the story is written in dual POV's. I loved that when I got inside Michael's head he didn't sound like a girl! What else? I love, love, loved this book! Michael is just so damn sexy in all his wrongness!

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