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Tuesday, October 08, 2013


This book is just incredibly beautiful and absolutely awesome!! I loved every single thing about this book!! 
This is not your typical angel kind of novel..The idea of angels in a post apocalyptic setting really did get my interest.The plot was unique and the world-building was amazing!The twists and actions were mind-blowing and the character were all kickass! !!!

Six weeks ago, the angels arrived and earth as we know it has been destroyed. The angel who led them here was shot on arrival, now none of them seem to know why they're there, or what's going to happen next. Gangs now roam the streets during daylight hours,looting  houses and anywhere else they can find food and supplies. There's a danger of being killed by a gang member by day, and at night, even the gangs are scared to venture out to the streets....

 Penryn decides to avoid the gangs and take a change with whatever's out there at night as she makes a break for it with her mother and disabled sister Paige, leaving their home in search for somewhere safer... When they come across an angel being attacked and having his wings cut off, and one of the attackers flies off, taking Paige with him.. Penryn has to ally herself with the injured angel in order to get her back... If he takes her to Aerie to save Paige, she'll help him getting there by foot.. something entirely new to him now that he can't fly anymore  but he hopes that someone can fix his wings...

Penryn  is vulnerable but also she is smart and kickass! She knows how to take charge and how to take care of herself and others.Furthermore she  doesn't allow herself to get distracted by Raffe, no matter how attractive he is. Raffe oh Raffe I love him!!!He was a bit of a mystery at times, but what we did see of him revealed how much different is from the others angels in this book and also he has a caring and protective side.
  Honestly, how could I not adore these two characters? They're amazing!The connection they shared left me breathless! 
This book isn't like other angel books.  !!It's so unique!!

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