Tears of Tess

Friday, September 06, 2013




This book totally let me down.I was expecting more!THere was too much promotion for this book and I was expecting that it would be amazing!Finally all this enthusiastic anticipation turnt out in a really dissapointment..

It's a story about a young girl called Tess who went for vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend and there she was kidnapped and became slave of Q.

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed.
I was sold.”

In this part I found Tess character really interesting!She is a strong person who initially was fighting for her freedom.. And she was trying to resist to all this situation.

In the middle of the story Tess manage to escape.As she was running she found a guy and he asked for his help, but it was proved that he was a bad person.He kidnapped her and he tried to rape her ( this part reminds me of a scene of killing Sarai ). After all Q saved her and she started accepting the fact that she was Q slave...


And recognized Q's world as the world she belonged to. That time they had sex. -.- and this part was weird for me and didn't make sense at all!!

I couldn't identify with the characters and sometimes I was feeling frustrated.

However I recommend you read this book and I'm waiting for your reviews!!!


2,5 confusing and not too dark stars 

I have no words!I expected this book to be awesome,amazing,a mindfuck.Oh wait... it was a mindfuck... in a bad way...It was one of those book that you read and wonder "What was the puprose of this book?"First of all,let's say that it was not as dark as it's been promoted to be.Aside from the cruel start and a few other moments the book was lightly dark or sometimes not dark at all.

Her name is Tess and she has an ostensibly good life.She seems happy as long as she ignores her parents.Her boyfriend is so sweet,caring that you will feel jealous towards her.Yet,that is not enough for her.Her body shimmers for sinful things but her boyfriend is the vanilla guy who cant fullfill her fantasies.

A casual trip to Mexico doesnt end up as it was expected to.They kidnapp her.They steal her freedom.However our MC is strong and doesnt even think that giving up is an option.

" I would never give up. I would fight until I died; I’d teach the kidnappers they stole the wrong girl if they wanted meek and broken."

I loved her so far.Her determination to live made me praise her.Never the less Tess's fate is sealed.She is the bribe of a Rushian guy to Q.

Enter Q,
He is a French guy who NEEDS TO ATTEND FRENCH LESSONS.Q is supposed to be a sadistic master?!Errmm I'm not sure if he was sadistic or deranged.The one moment he was all bossy and domineering , the next one he was talkative and a normal billionaire.I couldnt connect with Q.His character confused me a lot.I'm still not sure if he was a good person or not.

Biggests turn offs:
The French,oh boy the French....

LOL it's not that I'm an expert in French but it was TOO obvious that the author didnt speak a word at French.The verbs in French are NOT the same at every person like in English,they change.For those who dont speak the language it wont be a problem but heck when I was reading French part I was doing a mental editing or I was LoLing, sorry.
The encouraging thing is that the author has taken action and is solving this probem so hopefully if you read the actual and final book those parts will be edited.

(view spoiler)

Overall I didnt like it.It had a kickass start and definitely potential.The author's writing is amazing and I will read her future books but this one simply didnt work for me.Not being able to connect with the characters is one of the most awful things that can happen to a reader.


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