Sunday, September 01, 2013
5 stars

Daemon and Katy

“There's only one thing I want."
"And that is?"
"I want to see Kat."
Nancy's smile didn't fade. "And what are you willing to do to accomplish that?"
"Anything," I said without hesitation, and I meant it. "I will do anything, but I want to see Kat first and I want to see her now.”

I waited so long to read this book and I have to admit that it was way better than I expected it to be.I can easily say that Jennifer is my favorite author.The worlds that she creates,the characters and the stories,are so carefully written and developped.The lux series is obviously one of her series that I adore.Yes it's about aliens but nothing freaky.Everything is perfect and maybe I'm biased :D

After that awful cliffhanger the book starts with Katy's pov.She's taken and they are apart now.Daemon is determined to bring her back no matter the cost.The truth is that he doesnt even think about the consequences because he wants her safe.
“I’ll burn the world down to save her”

Daemon and Katy have more allies than they could ever imagine.
This Luc kid is more powerful than you think.
New species will come to the surface.
They are going to get betrayed.
They will have to choose between family and life.
The world will change!

After reading this book many people say that it doesnt end with a cliffhanger.Is it just me that disagrees?Personally I cant wait until the OTHER summer.

I cant really say anything else about this book because I dont want to ruin it for those who havent read it and there other readers who havent read the series so I dont think that they will understand much.

Overall this is pure perfection.(That's me being biased again)
This book combines EVERYTHING!I am serious.Not annoying characters.You will laugh your a$$ out.Sexy hot alien babes.Badass heroines and we definetely support TEAM AWESOME :D I would love it if she wrote a book about Archer and Dee!Last but not least (view spoiler)

“While you’re deep in something, you never say or do what you need to. It’s always after the fact, when it’s too late, that you realize what you should’ve said or done.”

“I want a years-worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade's worth of hours, so many that I can't add them up.”

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