I Stand Before You review

Saturday, September 07, 2013


OMG!!It's my first book from S.R. Grey and I love her writting!!! It's an amazing book!!I totally connected with the characters!!!This is a book full of passion,intense, happy and sad immotions!

"When you're thirteen you think you can have it all. Life hasn't roughed you up so very much ...yet"
When Chase was young, he had a wonderful life. He used to live with his family and he was ready to follow his father’s steps… But some times life is playing games, and we cannot follow our dreams…

"Things are never bad when love is abundant.I thought it would stay that way forever, I did a home filled with love a happy family, just a good and easy life."
Something truly tragic happened, that caused Chase’s father death.From this moment Chase couldn’t remain the same person. Now he lives with his grandmother in a very small place at Ohio.
And his only desire is to leave far away...Things are going worse when he started doing drugs... One day the police arrest him and he is going to jail. Now he is alone and he has none on his side....

4 years later he is out from jail...
Now he is working for the church doing maintenance and fixing things, and he continues his passion…to design. But there are many temptations for him around…

Kay lost her sister and blamed herself for her lost. She is now working for the church. She knows everything for Chase’s past and she is very cautious with him. .
But day by day, she is changing her view and the connection between them become stronger..
Two broken people who when connected, are made whole, made right…

"You're good for me Chase.You help me in ways I can't explain.You make me want to live, to embrace life even when I was barely surviving before I met you."
They have to face problems...Can they manage to be together in the end???

I will tell this again!!!An amazing book!!!
The thing I love most in this book is that we start see two people who is damaged..
they managed to find each other and to learn how to live again!!

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