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Thursday, September 05, 2013

E X C E R P T 

“Is it possible to die of sex exhaustion?” I panted, collapsing in a sprawl across Jake’s sweat dampened chest.

It heaved beneath my cheek as he lazily stroked my spine. “I’m thinking yes.”

“That was…” I groaned at the hot feel of him inside of me.

“Mindblowing?” he offered with a suspicious amount of smugness in his voice. “Told you it would be.”

I bit his shoulder gently. “Cocky.”

“I dare you to leave teeth marks,” Jake squeezed my ass. “I’d love explaining it to people.”

“What people?” I mumbled irritably. “You’re inside the only person who should be seeing you shirtless, mister.”

He chuckled and I burrowed deeper against the sound in his throat. “The guys and I don’t really care about walking around the apartment shirtless.”

Despite my sex exhaustion, I found the energy to jerk away from him, my hands pressed to his chest as I scowled down at him. “In other words you’d love to explain those marks to Lowe.”

Inured to my glower, Jake tucked my long hair behind my ear, before following the wavy strand of platinum down over my breast. “It would make a point.”

“A point he is well aware of. The traitor dumped me in your hands last night.”

Jake flashed me an unrepentant grin. “That’s true.”

Before I could respond he took me by surprise, wrapping his arms tightly around me as he sat up. Our lips almost brushed as he brought us chest to chest. Sensing I wasn’t going anywhere, any time soon, I shifted off my knees and wrapped my legs around his waist. Jake’s eyes darkened with the movement.

“No way,” I breathed. “You can’t possibly…”

“Not yet,” he crushed me against him, whispering the words across my mouth. “Anyway, we have stuff to talk about.”

I instantly wanted to pull away but Jake cupped his hand around my nape, forcing me to look at him. I jerked against his hold.

“Good, we’ll start with that,” he muttered darkly. “Why do you keep pulling away from me?”

“I told you I don’t like it when you hold me by the neck like that. It’s not a big deal.” It was so a big deal. And Jake knew it was. He just didn’t know why.

The truth was he used to hold me like that when he wanted my entire focus. It was kind of intense and more than kind of sexual, and I thought it was something he just did with me. However, I’d once witnessed him holding his ex-girlfriend Melissa in the exact same way, and as stupid as I knew it was, it bothered me. A whole lot.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Next question,” I sighed, tugging his hand off my neck.

Jake didn’t look happy but he relented. “When are you thinking about telling your parents about us?”

“Well,” I wriggled on him with a cheeky smile, “I was thinking we should uncover the plot of some evil mastermind and you can save the world. There’s no way my parents won’t be happy for us to be back together after that. It would be petty.”

“Stop being cute,” he said quietly, kneading the muscles in my lower back. “I’m trying to be serious and I can’t do that when you’re sitting on me naked, acting all cute.”

“Then I guess my work here is done,” I smiled and kissed him hard. Jake’s arms turned to steel around me as he hauled me closer, deepening the kiss with a groan that reverberated through me in such a delicious way…

I wrapped my arms around him, my fingers curling around his hair.

Jake broke our kiss, grabbing my upper arms to push me gently back.

He scowled at me. “Play fair.”

I slumped. “Why should I? You’re not.”

“How is trying to have a conversation with my girlfriend not playing fair?” he narrowed his eyes on me. “How did I become the chick in this scenario?”

Laughing, I ran my fingers through his hair, loving the way his lashes lowered over his eyes in pleasure at my touch. “You did that all by yourself.”

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