Wicked Beat

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour, #4) 


This book was hilarious and so hot!!!I love it!!!

Eric and Rebekah are a perfect couple!!Two incredibly sexy and quirky characters who find in the other their best friend and soul mate!Make a strong and honest relationship!!


In this book Dave, the Sinner's soundboard operator is still recovering from the accident that left him in a wheelchair.Rebekah his younger sister convinces him to ask the band if she could help them until he recovers...
Rebekah has a huge crush on the Sinner's guitarist Trey..and she wants to seduce him!!

The moment Eric the drummer lays eyes on Rebekah he instantly feels he's got to have her..so when the band ask him his thoughts on Rebekah joining the crew, he says yes.His happiness is short lived though when, she seems to only have eyes for Trey...

At the beginning there is playfulness between Eric and Rebekah and I find it very cute!!
I enjoyed that at first Rebekah sought after Trey but had a little thing on the side with Eric until it became a passionate relationship.. She'll soon realized that Eric had more substance for her than Trey did!!

As Eric and Rebekah get to know each other Rebekah starts to see Eric in a different way..He has always doubted his worth, and so when challenges are thrown there way Eric is left questioning what Rebekah sees in him and what he has to offer...


This book will show you a softer and more vulnerable side of Eric and allow you to understand him on a deeper level..We get a peek into his past and the struggles he faced early on in his life..His cute and sexy presence will have you begging to find a guy like Eric!!!


There's lot of seductive,sexy and spicy sex!!I love all the sex scenes!!


Also there is a really good story behind the sensuality!
Wicked Beat will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. The back and forth between Eric, Trey, and Reb will have you dying to know what will happen next!!

My Eric and Rebekah!


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